Thanks to the internet and its plethora of content, today there is no shortage of resources for Authors. Articles range from “How To Write a Book,” to “The Top Five Book Writing Tips,” but, many Authors are not aware of the things that they should not do when attempting to write. Keep in mind these top ten “worst practices:”

1. Don’t write. Tell a story.

2. Avoid obtuse narrative devices and ambiguous POV transitions.

3. Don’t show off, it doesn’t serve the theme.

4. Avoid referring to current trends, it will only date your work in the future.

5. Don’t be technical. If you must, be concise and clear.

6. Don’t write in cliche.

7. Don’t use awkward phrases.

8. Don’t distract the reader with irrelevant topics.

9. Don’t write in a manner that’s different from your everyday speech.

10. Avoid using: really, you, feel, think, as, a lot, sort of/kind of, like, just or used to.

Overall, a clear direction and focus will keep you on task. Knowing what to avoid can help you streamline your writing style, allowing you to become more productive in the long run.

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