You’ve Probably Never Heard of These!

In the world of real estate, business moves fast – especially when it comes to new, innovative marketing strategies. Many factors contribute to the turnover: an ever-changing digital landscape, shifting patterns of consumer behavior, and the increasingly erratic taste and focus of popular culture. It can be difficult to keep up.

Marketing endeavors are usually effective when they assess the cultural climate and court the public temperament. However, some methods are so effective that they transcend the challenges of even the most fickle audience.

  1. Authority Marketing™

It’s the age-old question: how will you be seen in a hopelessly crowded marketplace? How do you get to your ideal consumer before your competitor, and what will you do to win them over? Too many real estate agents and brokers throw endless marketing dollars at ad spending, hoping to succeed solely on the strength of ubiquity. They fail to realize this is only half the battle. The trick is to not only be the loudest voice, but the expert voice.

Consider the distinction you hear when trying to choose between an eyeglass company and the eyeglass company. One of your options is the eyeglass expert. The end-all be-all authority, compared to just another player in the eyeglass game. No matter your business, you must systematically position it as the go-to business when someone needs that good or service. In doing so, you command outsized influence over all your competitors. The secret is: authority is something you can manufacture. You must, at the very least, present yourself as the authority, and then reap the benefit.

  1.     Unusual sponsorships

When we say unusual or offbeat, think CitiBike. Sponsorship is nothing new in the business sphere. It is a glorified way for businesses to plaster their name on just about anything, with the goal of furthering name recognition. In the case of CitiBike, the bike sharing system has next to no operational involvement with its namesake, CitiGroup. CitiBike has changed hands between other corporate entities and subsidiaries over the years. You wouldn’t know it, as Citi’s logo has been firmly affixed to the bike’s design since its inception – and they paid $41 million over 6 years for that right.

Extremely popular in New York City and Jersey City, it was a shrewd decision for Citi to make the play on words and sponsor the system (which has daily ridership of almost 40,000 people). Whatever your business, look for playful ways you could provide sponsorship that transcends a booth at a convention, or your logo on a PowerPoint. Consider services of genuine value to which you could cheekily attach your business name. Don’t even shy away from puns and wordplays if you come across them. Bonus points if the service has relevance and applicability, however topical, to your business name or the nature of your services.

  1. Quiz Marketing

Tiger Beat magazine was really onto something in the late 1980’s. Today, industry giants like BuzzFeed have optimized the quizzing process for web. Quizzes are nothing if not a wholesome exchange between you and your customer – they provide you with their personal details (name, birthdate, email – for potential campaigns etc) in exchange for personalized feedback. Interactive content is a powerful tool to drive engagement from an otherwise unengaged web browser. With the simple construction of a quiz in your arena of expertise, you can provide your would-be consumer with something of value, and gain a lead in the process.

Business leaders, innovators, and groundbreakers have already adopted a number of the above strategies. It’s time for you, as a top real estate agent, to start implementing them. In employing these proven marketing methods, you are poised to outflank your competition and jumpstart your business growth. For more information on the marketing tactics that will position you for success in 2018, visit

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