Every business owner knows, if the customers are not coming to you, then they are going somewhere else. To gain their trust and respect, you need to be the foremost authority in your market. Use your industry knowledge and expertise to garner sales by establishing yourself as a celebrity. At Advantage, we believe that credibility, authority, and expertise can be obtained with these three easy steps:

1. Educate and Inform: Use your company website as a platform to provide customers with answers to their burning questions. A blog or podcast can serve as an excellent resource to showcase your broad knowledge about any and all topics that relate to your industry and target market. When customers can view you as a valuable resource, instead of just another retailer, you will more quickly gain their respect.

2. Make Your Voice Heard: Consumers trust a familiar and friendly face. Take full advantage of interviews opportunities at TV and radio stations. Don’t be afraid to reach out to local media outlets to be considered as an industry expert. Share information pertinent to the products that your company offers to show the value in your services. Take your career one step further and become a speaker. Research conferences in your field and submit an application to become a panelist. Get in front of your peers and potential customers at major networking events. No open opportunities? Create your own! Host a conference and allow your business to serve as a sponsor.

3. Put It in Writing: Compile shared tips and tricks from your blog and create a book. Use the book as a reference or “how-to” guide for customers. Your publication can be implemented in every form of your current marketing strategy. Send it to contacts to encourage referrals, hand it out to interested clients to build your credibility, and use it as a promotional item to advertise your expertise. The possibilities are endless.

In the end, positioning yourself as the industry leader will gain you notoriety and respect. By sharing your expertise to indirectly publicize your business, success is sure to follow.

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