By Rusty Shelton, Senior Marketing Strategist

As 2017 draws to a close, it’s time to take a look at some of the marketing trends we think will be game changers in the coming year.

#1 Quiz Marketing:  Quiz marketing is the best way to use interactive content on your website to drive engagement. Why? Put simply, people love quizzes. Sherry Turkle, an MIT psychologist and cultural analyst, told Wired that people turn to quizzes as a result of their irresistible need to quantify the human condition – “Basically, we’re trying to get a number,” she said. I think these quizzes are a kind of focus for attention for thinking about yourself.”

A quiz is the purest exchange of value you can have on line: the quiz taker gives you not only his or her email address, but also a ton of other data in exchange for free personal feedback and a chance to get educated by an expert – you. Our authors are using quizzes as powerful lead generators: author Dr. Craig Malkin’s Narcissism Test has been taken by over 160,000 people as an introduction to and sales tool for his book Rethinking Narcissism.

#2 Authority Marketing:  2018 is the year in which we’ll see increasing focus on the importance of creating your personal authority brand in addition to your corporate brand. As a society we’re increasingly skeptical of large brands, whether corporate or media, and even big name-brand charities are looked at much harder than they used to be. Yet, football player J.J. Watt was able to convince 200,000 donors to give more than $37 million to relief for storm-ravaged Houston – because people were more comfortable giving him money than they would have been, contributing to a faceless entity.

#3 Podcasting is no longer a niche corner of the content market; a recent Edison Research study revealed that an estimated 67 million people listen to a podcast in a given month. Having a podcast and starting an interview series allows you to interact with and build relationships with people you want to know better, without putting you in the position of asking them for something. Co-author of The one Thing Jay Papasan’s podcast is a great example of how to do it right; his podcast combines lively interviews with his own smart commentary, and helps build his personal authority as well as that of his subjects.

#4 The rise of visual search: For years, we’ve focused on text content in building effective websites, primarily due to the impact it had on SEO or discoverability. But with the boom in visual search functions that allow users to seek out products using cellphone or other digital photos, we’re going to see visual search become an ever more powerful e-commerce driver.

#5 Authenticity:  Many of you trying to market a business or practice assume that means putting on your marketing hat and being someone you’re not. But your audience wants you to be you – so show your personality and let your authentic voice be heard, rather than some homogenized artificial creation. People love authenticity, so be you, warts and all. Dr. Josh Luke – motivational speaker, award-winning healthcare futurist and hospital CEO – understands this, and has garnered a massive following online because he connects with people as his authentic self.


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