2015 is officially here. Discover how these simple New Year’s resolutions can help grow your business:

Ask For Referrals. Aim to ask for a referral every day. This will not only allow you to become more aware of what is happing in the business world, but it will also help you notice missing services that you can improve upon. 

Build Relationships. Collaborative relationships offer numerous benefits. Gain support, share customers and improve your services through newly founded relationships. The relationship will display you mutual respect and consideration for others.

Provide Helpful Feedback. Take time to provide feedback to another business or service. Write a review for a book or show support for a company’s social media account. Be genuine and generous with your feedback. Constructive criticism will provide a spring board for improvement and growth.

Show Gratitude. Be gracious to your customers, business partners and employees. Customer loyalty is the foundation to a solid business practice. Consistent follow-up through email, social media and direct mail can help you stay in touch with your connections.

 Tackle A New Initiative. Pick one new initiative to implement in your business marketing plan. Whether it is finally writing that book, beginning a social media campaign or creating content to share, adding a new item to your usual marketing strategy can increase leads.

Even if you pick just one resolution from the list, the implementation of a new initiative can create a positive impact on your business.

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