For more joy at work, home, and play, all that’s missing is the APP.

You’re busy. I’m busy. Your clients are busy. The world is busy. Despite a collective, universal desire to simply slow things down for a minute, busy, it seems, is the new black. Welcome to 2016, a year defined by the endless stream of demands that our careers, our home lives, and our social obligations elicit. While it looks like we’re all destined to remain in perpetual motion for some time to come, the digital age has given us some products to minimize the confusion of navigating daily life. Available on the go, with the touch of a finger, today’s most innovative apps aim to simplify the knotted obligations we face at work, at home, and at play. Here are a few of the market’s latest offerings, each aimed at honoring the busy (and minimizing the dizzy).


If utilized with mindfulness, Evernote is a cloud-based, note-taking app for all areas of your corporate life. Data, photos, voice memos, drawings, even handwritten notes can be stored on the Evernote server and then synchronized across numerous devices. Information is shared easily and a user-friendly interface ensures speedy mastery of the app’s capabilities. The flexible nature of the service allows for countless uses including taking notes, recording meetings, collecting and archiving content from multiple sources, project planning, and task delegation.


Imagine the ability to scan documents from your cellphone. Camscanner has captured a client base of over 100 million worldwide with its cutting-edge image processing technologies and furthered its appeal with an auto-crop photo feature, easy-share capabilities, and instant access across all your devices. Additionally, any document scanned can be be converted to PDF or JPG and can be edited, tagged, and uploaded quickly for cloud storage.


Billing itself as “the surprisingly simple family organizer,” Cozi has been a “Mom’s Choice” Award winner three times since its launch in 2006. Today, 17 million users thrill to the multiple capabilities of the app. In addition to coordinating and sharing every family member’s schedules, it fosters easy-to-manage to-do lists, shopping lists, recipes—even family journals. The calendar feature keeps everyone aligned and up to date on coming events and can be color-coded to highlight each family member’s responsibilities during chore time.  

Key Ring

So you love the rewards card, loyalty cards, and savings cards that retailers dole out like candy these days. Who doesn’t? For most of us, though, they’re often a struggle to locate in our wallets or prove to be a bulky, uncomfortable addition to our pockets. With Key Ring, those problems are solved. The app allows users to scan and store any number of cards of all types right on their phone. Grocery cards, gift cards, pharmacy cards, gym memberships, and more of the like, are all housed through the app and scan straight from your phone at the checkout counter of your favorite stores. The service boasts instantly redeemable deals and coupons from over 13,000 brands as well as a grocery list feature to maximize savings while you stroll the aisles.    


So you weren’t really paying much attention in your high school French class, huh? A lot of us weren’t. The creators of Duolingo realize that and, rather than calling you out, they’ve built a fun, semi-addictive app to catch you up on everything you missed. A broad range of languages are available including Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, and Portuguese. Each new skill level is mastered through a series of games, showcased in colorful graphics, and engaging in a way that your high school French teacher never managed to be. In fact, the app has proven so successful in educating individuals that thousands of teachers have introduce Duolingo to the classroom. It’s never too late to earn your passport to the world. The app is free. All the folks at Duolingo ask of its users is a simple “merci beaucoup.”

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