5 Simple Sales Strategies to Grow Your Business ASAP

agenda-1928419_1920New year, same business, but hopefully you’re not looking to repeat the same sales as last year. By introducing even the smallest changes to your sales strategy, you can start seeing immediate growth. If you forgot to strategically plan ahead, these five sales strategies can help jumpstart January and make progress towards a bountiful 2017.

Connect the Dots

You’ve heard it before, but it’s true; it’s all about the connections. There are so many ways to connect with the world and create potential sales today with the expansion of social media platforms. Speaker, entrepreneur, author, and business coach Wendy Blum explains that you should think about making more connections, rather than sales, and shoot for about ten each day. These can be through social media, text messages, phone calls, or by attending events.

Don’t forget to ask current clients for referrals as well, as these can be some of the best leads out there. Dan Tyre from Hubspot details steps towards getting those precious referrals such as thanking the client for their business, asking if there are any other contacts that would be interested in the same service, getting the contact information, and asking if your client can introduce you.

Offer Discounts or Program Incentives

Program incentives don’t have to complicated, or strenuous to plan out at your business. Something simple, such as a buyer reward program, works wonders and won’t cost you much to implement.

“One way to do this is simply to offer your regular customers a straight discount on whatever they buy, such as 10 percent,” says Susan Ward, a contributor at the Balance, a business advice website.

You can also tie the potential customer discount into a required purchasing dollar amount, like 20 percent off a purchase of $250 or more. One key note though about program incentives: make sure the program has clear, concise rules and they’re applied equitably across your customer base.

Who doesn’t love a free item? Any potential customer certainly does! Give something away that has value for free, such as a free appetizer, a free yoga class, or a free car wash. This allows the potential customer to come in and try what your business has to offer. More than likely, those potential customers will appreciate the free gift and come back in the near future, establishing repeat business.

Extend Your Market

If you’re looking to reach new customers, it’s time to extend your reach. First, get your website and online store up and running, if you haven’t already. Having a functioning, universal sales platform is a vital step that should be established in order to direct traffic to the right place.

Next, you should try different forms of advertising that you haven’t tested yet in order to reach a whole new realm of people.

“Once you’ve identified a new market, you might advertise in select media that targets that market,” says Ward. “If your new market consists of a younger demographic, you may want to use social media for advertising.”

Content Marketing

Customer loyalty and dedication is crucial for company growth, and one way to earn trust is through content marketing. One of the easiest ways to connect with your audience is to create fresh content on a regular basis.

Advertising Age reported that 86 percent of business-to-business marketers now rely on content as a way of engaging sales prospects,” says Entrepreneur. “While all companies seek to educate and entertain an audience, the smartest content marketers know how to convert readers into advocates, leads, and customers.”

Two of the most popular types of content are blogging and video posts. Blogging helps improve your search engine optimization, allows potential customers read up on what your company is all about, and becomes the spot where customers can go to find what’s happening in your market niche. Videos may be more time consuming, but they garner higher engagement and reach a larger audience with the help of social media.

Premium Content

Blogging can get you leads to your website, but in order to collect information from potential customers you’re going to need premium content that interested parties enter in their information in order to download. Premium content takes longer to curate, so it won’t be as frequent as a blog post. Examples of premium content include eBooks, webinars, whitepapers, slidedecks, tools, advanced checklists, case studies, assessments, demos, kits, and more, per Hubspot. Create several different types of premium content because not everyone is the same: one person might want to register for a webinar while someone else would prefer an assessment!

2017 is going to be as good as you make it. If you start early with these five simple strategies, your business can cultivate new leads that can kickstart your new year with successful sales and growth.  

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