5 Steps for Handling Objections – Guest Post by Alice Heiman

Having a systematic process for handling objections can make the difference in whether you can move the sale to a close. If you follow this process you will have better results:

1. Listen: Listen carefully to the objection.

In selling mode we tend to speak more than listen, particularly when we get worried. Now is the time to stop talking. Wait until the objection has been explained to you completely before you do anything else. It’s Important to be receptive and validate their concerns.

“My concern is your delivery date does not work with our crews schedule and that will put the whole project in jeopardy.”

2. Ask: Confirm your understanding of the objection by asking a qualifying question.

Don’t be quick to assume you understand. Confirm your understanding of the objection by asking a clarifying question that helps you get more information about their objection. Don’t solve until you fully understand their concerns.

“I want to be sure I understand. You won’t have the needed crew available on the delivery date we offered?”

3. Solve: Answer objections with the appropriate solution.

You are prepared to answer their objection with at least one appropriate solution since you have already thought about possible objections and solutions prior to your sales call.

“What if we can move the delivery date? Will that make a difference?”

4. Confirm: Confirm that your solution covers their objection.

If you have offered them an explanation or solution, you need to make sure that the resolution you offered meets their need. If it does, great! If not, you need to go back and make sure you understood the objection and offer an acceptable solution.

“If we move the delivery date, your crew will be available and you can stay on schedule, is that correct?”

5. Move on: If the customer is open to the solution, move on to the next step in the sales process.

Don’t oversell your solution. Don’t get stuck. Move on to closing the sale or to the next objection if there are more. Resist the temptation to go back to the one you already resolved.

“It sounds like changing the delivery date will make this work for you. Let’s get this order placed today to ensure prompt delivery.”

“Once all the objections are handled, you are ready to close the deal.”

Handling objections is something you will always need to be prepared to do. Prior to each sales call make it part of your planning process to think through what objections the prospect may have. New objections come up, but typically we hear the same objections and need to come up with good solutions.

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