Work through writer’s block by considering the strategies below:

1. Mind over matter. Everyone has the potential to become a writer. Don’t let a simple case of writer’s block deter you from thinking otherwise. Stay positive and believe in your abilities. Practice affirmations and tell yourself, “I am capable of writing.”

2. Disconnect. Limit any potential distractions by avoiding use of the Internet for allotted amounts of time. Still tempted? Try one of the numerous apps that blocks your connection to the worldwide web to ensure ultimate productivity. The more distractions, the less productive you will be.

3. Just do it. Don’t waste time waiting on the perfect word to magically pop into your head. Instead start writing in a free flow format. Putting words on the page will spark creativity and ignite your vocabulary. Know that you can go back at anytime and revise your work. The more content you have, the more likely you will discover a topic that can be further developed.

4. Copy & paste. Thanks to modern technology, moving around words in a document on your computer has never been easier. Like the pieces of a puzzle, words, sentences, and paragraphs can easily be reformatted, edited, and rearranged. Create an outline or organizational flow to ensure that you flesh out all of concepts that you consider critical.

5. Stick to it. Even if your body of work does not require a deadline, set one for yourself. More importantly, stick to it. Do you find it difficult to meet hard deadlines? Ask a friend or coworker to follow up with you to keep you on target concerning your time goals.

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