A Few Little Tidbits for Making Your Book More Appealing

When selling your book, there are several things you can do to stand out from your competition and win the sell. Here are just a few:

Offer a premium as a thank-you for the purchase:
Add value to your book by offering a premium. It changes the perception of your book and it will get purchased more, spiking your sales.

Offer a discount:
We all love discounts. It makes us feel like we’re getting away with something. You could offer a 10, 20, or 30% discount to those purchasing within a certain time frame. Amazon.com discounts their books more than any other retailer and it works. They’re not named Amazon for nothing.

Allow me to insert a personal flare here. Personally, I do not like discounts. When you compete on your price, it cheapens your product in many consumers’ eyes. Plus price conscious consumers are fickle and will leave you in a heartbeat when a better discount rears its head.

Make the ordering process easy:
If consumers are forced to work to make a purchase, guess what? They won’t make it. Make sure your books and products are easy to order online, telephone, fax and by mail. Always provide your fax number and mailing address on your online order form. And definitely make a toll free number highly visible.

It’s not that hard, yet I’m constantly amazed at how hard some authors make it for consumers to purchase what they’re selling. Put yourself in their shoes as they go down the sales process you’ve established. It is easy as pie, or difficult as nailing Jello to a tree? Don’t lose customers over something this simple.

Offer a free trial period:
This is not a common practice for book authors or publishers, which is even more reason to do it. It will make you stand out. Rodale is fast becoming a pioneer of this practice. They offer free trials for the magazines and books they publish on men’s and women’s health issues. They offer a free 30-day trial in which case you either pay for the book or return it. Most people pay.

Offer a money-back guarantee:
Again, this is not a common practice for book authors or publishers. Here’s another chance to stand out and shine among your competitors.

Any chance you can, be different. Take the road less traveled. In most cases, it will increase your sales.

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