why business owners need to write a bookSome people are content to plateau. Are you one of them?

When you set out to become an entrepreneur, were you satisfied with the status quo? Did you enjoy not having autonomy, not being your own boss? No. Instead, you “kicked the dust up” and proceeded to found your own company, because you weren’t content to stay where you were. The hallmark of an entrepreneurial spirit is the inability to accept things the way they arecompounded with the drive to improve, create, and innovate.

The thing is: when some business owners attain success, they become complacent. Rather than taking their entrepreneurial drive and persisting with it, they coast on the understanding that they are “already successful,” hitting a proverbial pause button on their professional growth and efforts to scale.

Why Business Owners Need to Write a Business Book

why you need to write a business book

In this frame of mind, there are a number of business growth opportunities that a business owner will miss out on entirely.

For example: Met with the opportunity to author a business book and establish themselves as the Authority in their industry, many business leaders will head down a counterproductive train of thought: If I already have a successful corporate brand, why would I need to publish a book, create a personal brand, and become the “Authority” in my field? There’s an impression of superfluity—that writing a book on top of everything else is unnecessary, in the wake the success they’ve achieved so far.

The “I’m already successful” mentality is dangerous; it inhibits progress and organizational growth, increasing the likelihood that your company will grow stagnantunable to keep pace with an evolving marketplace. Authoring a book, even with the aid of a ghostwriter, breathes new life into your business model, amplifying your ability to attract leads. It takes you from commoditized professional in a crowded marketplace, to the sought-after expert who “wrote the book on” your industry. A published book jointly serves as collateral; a lead generator; a vehicle to book speaking engagements, TV slots, interviews, and more.


There is a saying, often exchanged amongst authors and writers:

“If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.”

The entrepreneurial edit of this idiom might be:

“If you don’t see the business you want on the marketplace, found it.”


The incredible thing is that you did. You had the power to will an entire company into existence. That is no small feat. You’ve completed one of the two, and given access to the right team and right tools, you could seamlessly accomplish the other. Pausing to consider that a book could catapult your business to the stratosphere of success, why wouldn’t you? As an ambitious business leader, you should never be content to hang around the ground floor.

Why Business Owners Need A Personal Brand

At Advantage|ForbesBooks, we’ve long endorsed the notion that success itself is a lot like a StairMaster. You can reach the topbut if you stop intentionally climbing upwards, you’ll end right back up at the bottom. So what moves do you need to make to keep climbing that figurative StairMaster? Write the book you don’t see on the shelf.

Authorship is an unrivaled vehicle for sustainable business growth. It positions you as the outright Authority in what you do, and allows you to promote your personal brand alongside your corporate brand. Why do personal brands matter? It’s simple: people buy people. Personal brands are more accessible to the consumer than the faceless corporate brand. Apple was humanized by Steve Jobs, Virgin by Richard Branson, and Berkshire Hathaway by Warren Buffett. The best corporate brands have a well-known figurehead at the helm, and that is why building your personal brand is so critical.

The Bottom Line: You may “already” be conventionally successful, but we challenge you with the question: Do you want to grow? Do you want to get bigger and better than your current model? As a business owner, you’re just not programmed to dismiss a staggering opportunity to grow your company, regardless of how successful you’ve become.

At Advantage|ForbesBooks, we turn business owners into business authors. Taking less than 24 hours of your time, we ghostwrite, design, and distribute a business book—stamped with your name on the cover, brimming with your personal insightsthe quality of which rivals the books found on the front tables of Barnes & Noble. Guaranteed. To learn more or speak with an  expert on business book publication, contact us today.

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