In a world of short attention spans and limitless digital capabilities, Amazon has hopped on the bandwagon along with the other monthly entertainment subscription services. Recently, the online shopping giant introduced, Kindle Unlimited, a digital subscription service that allows subscribers unlimited access to a library of e-books and audiobooks for a monthly fee. Books that are included in the subscription display an orange “Kindle Unlimited” icon.

Similar to Neflix, the all-you-can-read subscription offers unlimited access to more than 600,000 titles for a mere $10 a month. Although many blockbuster series are available including nonfiction, literary fiction and classics, major publishers such as HarperCollins, Hachette and Simon & Schuster, are not participating. Since many authors publish with more than one publishing house, not all of their titles may be available. Therefore, to some subscriber’s dismay, many popular titles are noticeably unavailable.

The Kindle Unlimited service is not the first of it’s kind. Scribd (which offers 400,000 titles and charges subscribers $9 a month) and Oyster (which has more than 500,000 titles available and gives readers unlimited access for $10 a month) offer services similar to Amazon’s newest project. Yet, Amazon does have one large advantage. As the owner of Audible, Amazon has bundled the accessibility of over 2,000 digital audio titles into the monthly Kindle Unlimited subscription. Offering audiobooks and e-books together under one subscription allows customers to easily switch between reading and listening to their favorite books.

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