Amplify Your Book Sales by Transforming Your Book: Become a Darling of the Media

A book is not just a book.  It is the cornerstone of your marketing arena and if used properly can amplify your book sales.  Yes, you use your book to increase you book sales.  Have you ever heard of the toy line Transformers (or seen the movies)? Try paralleling your book to those toys.  Transformers change (transform), for the most part, from trucks to robots.  Hence the tagline, “Robots in Disguise.”


You can do the same with your book.  Sort of.  Your book isn’t capable of physically transforming.  Although that would be really cool if it did.  But you can “transform” your book into other marketing tools.  One of which is becoming a darling of the media.

I seriously hope you don’t think that selling copies of your book is all you can do with that book.  If so, I want you to go out and buy a Transformer toy, take it home, and while you are transforming it back and forth between its two abilities, I want you to brainstorm on how you can transform your book into a media marketing tool.


Savvy authors use their books as props and tools to leverage themselves as darlings and expert sources to the media.  This works for all media worlds:  print, television, radio and let’s not forget the big cheese:  the online world of the internet.


Let’s looks at a few of these savvy authors to learn how they became darlings of the media:


Tom Peters, management expert and co-author of In Search of Excellence, used his book as a platform to gain a weekly syndicated column on business management for the Tribune Co.  Tom also started appearing regularly on the cable TV show Business Times.


John Patrick Dolan, a top criminal defense attorney in Los Angles, authored Negotiate Like the Pros.  He used his position as a well-respected attorney and best-selling author to secure spots as a legal new analyst for Fox News Channel, MSNBC, and Court TV.  John also used his book to catapult him into his own weekly radio show Law Talk LA.


Jim Ziegler, renowned sales consultant and trainer to automotive dealers and author of The Prosperity Equation, used his expert clout and published author status to be invited as a monthly columnist for Dealer Magazine.  In case you were wondering, Jim’s target market is automotive dealers.


The lesson in this article is very simple.  Know that your book is NOT just a book.  It is the prop that can make you into a darling of the media.  Transform your mind’s view of your book’s abilities, transform the use of your book into a media marketing tool and your business and book sales will ascend like never before.

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