CEO and Financial Advisor, Ann Vanderslice, Shares Her Experience of Becoming an Advantage Author

Ann Vanderslice owns a successful financial advisory business in a very specialized niche: retirement planning for federal employees. With several federal offices in the Denver area, Ann has a ready, but small, market. And, like most entrepreneurs, Ann wanted more.

“I’m pretty well recognized in the Colorado area as an expert in federal benefits but I wanted that expanded to a national view.”

So, in January 2012, Ann published her first book, FedTelligence: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Federal Benefits.

Now, Ann is on the national stage.

Give Prospects a Reason to Choose You Over the Competition

According to Ann, one of the greatest benefits as an author is being recognized as an authority in her focused market.

“People see authors differently. It’s given me greater visibility in the federal market – and not only visibility but credibility, too.”

Ann has leveraged this visibility to expand her reach. She now makes up to 80 presentations and seminars in the Colorado area as well as across the country, thanks, in large part, to her book.

Because of her specialized expertise, Ann is paid to teach seminars. However, she always ensures “that I get to sell books from the back of the room.” While these sales generate extra income, Ann is looking for something far more important: new prospects for her business. And she has noticed another benefit that she didn’t expect.

Turn Clients Into Avid Fans Who Do Your Marketing For You

Ann finds her book makes it easy for clients to refer coworkers to her. “I know my clients will get the book and then they’ll tell their coworkers, ‘Oh, you’ve got to read this’. I’ve even had one woman at the US Mint buy about a dozen copies. She pays me for them, and then she sells them to friends at work.”

This word-of-mouth marketing is something any professional can benefit from. And Ann believes her book is a critical component in facilitating these referrals.

“Federal benefits are a complicated topic. Because of that complexity, you need to be able to break it down into simple terms, and that’s really what I do, I break it down. My book is written just like I speak so when people say, ‘I’ve been to your class and wanted to go back and review’, it’s easy for them to do that. They’ll tell me, ‘this sounds just like you’, because I describe everything just like I would in the office or in the seminar.”

Writing like she talks both reinforces Ann’s message, and reassures potential clients that she knows what she is talking about. It also keeps her a step-ahead of the competition. As Ann says, “As long as I’m doing things like writing books and getting attention and recognition, and I’m entrenched in places where federal employees look, they can’t catch me.”

Ann’s experience shows how a professionally published book generates attention for any business, even those in narrow or small markets. And she credits her smooth publishing experience to Advantage Media Group.

“Advantage made the process easy. They laid out exactly what you had to do. They set up the phone calls and all I had to do was get on and talk. It was a great experience. I am sure I wouldn’t have gotten the book written in that time-frame without them.”

Ann was able to write her book – quickly – without spending endless hours to write it. With Advantage Media’s Talk Your Book® program, Ann simply talked to her editor, who then wrote everything in her words. Ann’s involvement in the review process ensured her book perfectly complemented her business and her message.

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