Join the Audiobook Revolution: Sales Reach All-Time High

Have you heard?

Audiobook sales are on the rise.

According to an article by Dianna Dilworth for the GALLEYCAT, a recent report from IBISWorld states that for the past five years, revenue from audiobooks has grown at a rate of 12 percent, eclipsing $1.6 billion.

Due to the high percentage of consumers that carry a smartphone or an Internet-connected device, audiobooks have gained significant popularity. Audiobook sales are projected to continue to rise over the next five years due to inexpensive pricing and a consumer friendly platform.

Audiobooks are a great way to meet consumers preferences. Not every reader yearns for the feeling of turning pages or being able to highlight and make notes in a hard copy book. If you are an author, offering an audio version of your book is a smart way to reach a new market. Ultimately, when deciding which formats to publish your book, give thought to who your ideal target audience is and what their needs are. For example, busy executives who travel frequently may prefer to have an audiobook for easy listening on the train or plane. Not to mention, audiobooks won’t have you paying over-weight luggage fees at airport check-in.

The process to record an audiobook is easier than you may think. Most authors elect to read the book themselves, as it allows them to build a relationship with the listener. Other authors elect to hire a professional narrator. Whichever method you choose, the most important item is to ensure that your recording is high-quality.

As the audiobook continues to adapt to our ever-developing technological world, there is no doubt that the lower sale price and ease of use will continue to gain popularity with consumers of all ages. Thanks to numerous sites such as iTunes, Audible and Amazon, there are audiobooks to satisfy every taste. Download an audiobook today and let your own ears be the judge!

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