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As a business owner or entrepreneur, you may have found yourself wondering why your business remains stagnant in terms of growth when your competitors are skyrocketing and growing year after year. It seems as if you’ve tried everything, but still don’t know why the pulse of your business isn’t ramping up to keep up with your competitors. There’s no need to ponder any longer, we have the answer you’re looking for: Authority Marketing®.

Your journey with the concept of Authority Marketing will typically begin when you join us for your private, customized Authority Marketing Blueprint Day™ at our headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina.

After you’ve applied to become our next author and have a Discovery Call with your Vice President of Member Development, we will welcome you and up to two guests to our office for an in-person strategic planning day. This day is imperative towards understanding the power of Authority Marketing and what it can do not only for you but also your business.

What Happens During My Authority Marketing Blueprint Day?

Once you’ve been greeted and welcomed into the doors of our headquarters, you will begin working with our entire team towards crafting your personalized blueprint. Your team will work with you to develop a plan that will accelerate your company’s growth over a 12-month period. You might be thinking, “I already have a fantastic marketing team, I want to use them!” We want you to understand that regardless if you decide to work with our Authority Institute team or your very own team, you will still leave the Authority Marketing Blueprint Day with your blueprint and the resources for marketing and publishing success.

One of the very first things you need to start your path of Authority Marketing is publishing your very own book. At your Authority Marketing Blueprint day, one of our accomplished Advantage|ForbesBooks Editors will meet with you to discuss the themes and topics of your upcoming book. This process takes more than one day, as your assigned Project Editor will interview you via phone and come to understand you, your business, your unique message, and the target ready of your book to craft a narrative framework for your manuscript. Your Project Editor will then build a multi-page outline of your book, beginning with the end in mind.

After the concept of your book is conceived, the rest of your Blueprint Day will walk you through your personalized plan. We always start with your “Why”; what is your mission for you and your business? We’ll also write down your goals and your ideal customer profile. After those thoughts are jotted down, we’ll really start to focus on the bread and butter of Authority Marketing: the seven pillars.

The seven pillars of Authority Marketing encompass Content Marketing, PR & Media, Referral Marketing, Speaking, Events, Branding & Omnipresence, and Lead Generation. We’ll work on each pillar with you on your Blueprint Day, and give you our thoughts and ideas on how you can integrate them into your current business plan for new growth.

You’ll leave your Authority Marketing Blueprint Day equipped with the tools to tackle marketing and leveraging your book to build your expertise and authority in your field. Authority Marketing Blueprint Days are perfect for accomplished professionals that are in need of a detailed Authority Marketing roadmap and value the hands-on approach of in-person strategic planning.

To get started on your journey towards a Blueprint Day, fill out an application to become our next author. Our Member Development team is looking forward to talking with you about your business and goals for the new year.


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