Authors: Book Professional Speaking Engagements, Get Paid and Increase Book Sales!

Now that you have put in your free time for speaking engagements and have a few under your belt, it’s time to book some professional speaking engagements that also pay.  Some will not only pay you directly, but also generate immediate book sales!


Let’s say you’ve been booking professional speaking engagements for yourself right and left but you come across a company (or an organization or a meeting planner) who says that there just isn’t a budget to book you to speak.  But you really want a professional speaking engagement at this company because it would truly benefit you and your book sales.  This is an excellent target audience for you.  Do you have to offer to speak for free?


No, not at all.  You just have to be creative.  (And you can be – after all, you did write a book!)  There are a number of ways to get paid to speak even if your client does not have a budget for it.  The secret is making creative suggestions to them to utilize the budget they do have in the right way.


One way would be to tap into a resource that could generate immediate book sales (or product sales) for you.  Many companies have “Continuing Education” or “Learning Resources” budgets or other budgets along those lines.  Your books, tapes and other products fit perfectly into these budgets.  So what do you suggest?


Well, let’s use this example.  Let’s say you found a company that does not have $5K to book you for a professional speaking engagement but they do have $5K in the Learning Resources budget that can be used to purchase your books or audios or other products for the attendees that will be present at your speaking engagement.  Suggest that to them, they’ll probably love the idea (maybe even take credit for it) and in this case, you have just generated immediate book sales.


Let’s look at another scenario.  Let’s say you found a company that does not have the money to book you to speak this fiscal year but they will when the next fiscal year rolls around.  Let’s say their fiscal year runs January to December.  You speak in November and offer a 90-day payment plan.  In January, the start of their new fiscal year and 90-days later, they pay you because they now have the money allocated to pay you.  You got your speaking engagement, sold some books and/or products in the back of the room, and have proven to be flexible and easy to work with.  You will probably be asked to come back to speak again – and don’t forget to bring your books and products to sell!


These companies will be willing to listen because they really do want to book you they just don’t necessarily know how.  Simple creative ideas and the willingness to suggest them will get you what you need.  You just have to decide how badly you want to get paid to speak.

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