Authors: Learn How To Create Book Cover Designs That Rock

There are three top elements of a book that really capture a consumer’s eye. They are listed here in order:

  • Book Cover Designs
  • Book Titles and Subtitles
  • Back Cover Copy of Book Jackets

We’re going to talk about the importance of book cover designs and how to get them to work in your favor for your book sales.  It’s pretty easy to spot professionally made book cover designs.  Think about your favor book.  The cover somehow connected with you.  It drew you in as it correlated to its subject matter.  It is part of what made you purchase it.

Authors will spend hundreds, if not thousands, of hours working on the inside of their book, yet spend little time and money on the cover.  That’s just not smart.  A book’s cover design is the sales pitch that gets it sold.  The cover is what gets the consumer’s appetite ready for what is on the inside.  If you don’t captivate the reader with the outside, they’ll never open your book to look at the inside.  It’s just that simple.

Here are a few things to keep in the front of your mind when creating book cover designs:

  • Carefully consider your target audience.  For example, is your audience primarily male or female?  This makes a drastic difference when choosing colors, font sizes and images.  Remember this:  82% of books are purchased by women.  So, if you wrote a book for males, it may still be purchased by females.
  • Color schemes done correctly can really jazz up your book cover designs.  Don’t be afraid to use high contrast colors such as white letters on a blue background.  Why do you think politicians use the same high contrast colors on their campaign signs?  These color schemes are easy to spot, they stand out and they demand attention.
  • Use some psychology.  This is crazy but true.  You may even get a chuckle out this; but, the larger font size your name is in, the more prominent consumers will perceive you to be.  Just don’t get too carried away, you do still have to leave room for the title.
  • Image is everything!  But, in this case, too much can be over-kill and work against you.  It is important to keep your cover clean.  Having too many images will distract your audience away from the title and you don’t want that as the title should be the main focal point.
  • What if you have multiple book cover designs and don’t know which one to go with?  Then produce a test market.  Send out your design concepts to family, friends and colleagues.  Once you receive their feedback, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how one design stands out and is favored among all.
  • What genre is your book?  Fiction book cover designs are usually much different than non-fiction book cover designs.  Your best bet here is to visit your local bookstore to compare and get ideas.
  • Throw out the rule book?  Maybe.  Sometimes it works to just go against all of the rules and design a cover unlike any other.  Make your mark!  Just keep your target audience in mind because this could be playing with fire.  This could make or break you, so proceed with caution.

P.S.  Have a blast!  This should be a FUN process, so make it so. Happy Designing!

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