Ballpoint Pen on Top of White Printer Paper Beside 100 U.s. Dollar BillBecome the Authority, Celebrity, and Go-To Guru of Luxury Real Estate

You’re probably thinking, “I’m already the Authority in my market,” and judging by your clientele, that’s likely true. For some of you, this is enough. Life is exactly where you want it to be. However, some of you have even grander desires, beyond the borders of your current real estate business.

Some of you want to transition into coaching others for success. Some of you want media attention, while others have another audacious project or goal. Maybe you just want to absolutely dominate your competition.

Well, no one is going to place the crown of Authority on your head for you. There’s a deliberate, strategic process for systematically positioning yourself as that Authority. Here are just a few of those open secrets to get you going from just plain rich to absolute royalty.

Personal Brand Positioning

You probably know, better than entrepreneurs in any other industry, that your personal brand, your name, is your lifeblood. Your clients (and prospective clients) should know who you are through your personal brand website, not your business or team website.

The messaging around who you are needs to be consistent, engaging, and relatable. This comes down to the why behind what you do. What’s your story? Your mission? Why are you in this business? You need to passionately communicate this “why” on your website and in all of your marketing collateral because at the end of the day, people buy from people. They want a relationship, not a transaction.

Content Marketing

The fastest way to build your omnipresence is through content marketing. Your potential clients consume knowledge from multiple mediums. Some read blogs and articles, some listen to podcasts, some watch videos, and some read books. You must dutifully obey their demand for content across each of these mediums.

Don’t worry. Most of this should be created once and then repurposed by your team. A lot of it can be taken right from your book.

If you don’t have a book, you need to get started on one. How else will strangers know you’re the expert, go-to, passionate, luxury property marketing guru? From your designations?

American author and real estate entrepreneur Gary Keller writes in his book The One Thing, “In 2001, I called a meeting of our key executive team. As fast as we were growing, we were still not acknowledged by the very top people in our industry. I challenged our group to brainstorm 100 ways to turn this situation around. The one that we decided on was that I would write a book on how to become an elite performer in our industry. In an industry of about a million people, one thing changed our image forever.”

Like it or not, professionally publishing a book positions your expertise like nothing else.

PR + Media

You need to be seen in TV interviews and in prestigious trade-specific and general entrepreneurial publications. Your name should be so recognizable within your market that it’s synonymous with “the real estate guru.”

Use your book to open the door to be the local news and radio real estate expert. You can be the go-to person for delivering a regular market update through a weekly newsletter or even quarterly magazine and leveraging that to get more on-air interviews.

Take advantage of newsjacking. When a topic that could be related to real estate is in the mainstream news, hijack that story, put your spin on it, and use your relationships with journalists to get it published.

Referral Marketing & Events

Your past clients are your best ambassadors. They’re sending you new clients all the time, but you wouldn’t be offended if they sent you more, right? Give them a reason to, and arm them with copies of your book to pass on to friends, family, and colleagues.

You probably don’t think this works, but I’ve seen clients add over $1 million to their bottom line by simply giving copies of the book to their best clients in a gifting campaign.

Your clients will be excited by the publication of your book! They’ll be even more excited to attend your annual gala or book launch party. Since your past clients are the greatest champions of your work ethic and results, throw them a client appreciation party and allow them to bring a guest. If you invest in them by showing them how much you appreciate their business, they will reinvest in you. Don’t you think four or five of those guests will need your help in the next year or know someone else who does?

Climbing to New Heights on the Property Ladder

You care about your clients and you want to help more people. To do so, you must become the celebrity, expert, and undisputed Authority in your market and in your industry. This isn’t about ego, it’s just business. The more you’re perceived as the Authority, the more you’re paid for who you are rather than what you do.

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