How a Book Exceeded Expectations and Created New Opportunities for this UK Dentist

When Dr. Richard Guyver published his book in May 2013, he wanted to establish expert status in the philosophy of connecting dental health with overall well being. Yet, in the few short months after publishing, he is getting far more opportunities due to his book.

“The book is about how the mouth can impact on general health in both positive and negative ways. A lot of people don’t know this. So I wanted to raise the profile of that way philosophy of dental care. And from a personal point of view, I wanted to establish my position as an expert in that area.”

Dr. Guyver met these expectations in just five months after publishing. Media coverage and free publicity came almost immediately. “I’ve had the book in local press and national press in the UK. I’ve also had it mentioned on BBC TV. It’s been very positive.”

Along with this media coverage came one of his first unexpected opportunities. A local paper asked him to write a regular column for their online edition. And these articles are relatively quick to write since he uses his book as their foundation. As he says, “This would have been less likely to happen had I not had the book.”

“With this positive feedback, Dr. Guyver saw another opportunity to increase patient referrals with his book. So, at the time of writing this article, he had sent three copies to each patient on his list. “I wanted them to have three books each: one for themselves and two to give to friends, neighbors, colleagues, or family members.” And if the past successes of authors in similar efforts are any indication, he will drum up new referrals.

While he waits for results from this campaign, Dr. Guyver has already seen an increase in new patients. “There certainly have been a few new patients who’ve come in, either directly or indirectly as a result of my book.”

And This Response was Followed by Another Surprise…

In addition to drawing in new patients, Dr. Guyver has also attracted the attention of fellow dentists. “Some members of my profession have contacted me as a result of the book because they want to use the same philosophy in their practice.”

This has led him to the idea of establishing a coaching group – another unforeseen spinoff benefit of his book. But he isn’t stopping with this idea. He is now considering the possibility of co-authoring books with other dentists.

“I have an idea to help other non-competitive dentists use the book to market their practice. There are blank pages at the front of the book, so we can profile them and how they use the philosophy as well. It will still be my book, but they can use it for their practice. The dentists could buy a bulk number of books, or alternatively, pay me to do it for them.”

Given that similar strategies are used by other professionals in the US, including dentist Dr. Charles Martin, he has a great opportunity to turn this idea into new revenue over the long run. Yet, Dr. Guyver has experienced quick results, as well.

Immediate Results Lead to Increased Income

It only took about 5 months after publishing for Dr. Guyver to see positive change in his practice. One of the most beneficial is the effect on his relationships with patients. “It’s hard to attach a value, but I think it’s quite important. A book gives you something to talk about with your patients. It gives patients something of interest – something new. So, I think that’s quite important since I’m in a relationship building business.” In addition, he has noticed that the book encourages patients to move forward with recommended procedures. “Some patients have taken up treatment which they were otherwise resistant to, which is good.”

Plus, his book has attracted new patients, in the short period of time after publishing. He is on track to increase his income as a result. This is why he advises any professional who is sitting on the fence to get started.

“Just set some time aside to do it. And don’t let other things impinge on that time. Don’t wait until you have time, because you’ll never get it done. It’s all about saying, ‘On Monday morning, I’ve got two hours I’m going to spend on my book, and nothing interrupts.”

And this is exactly how he wrote his book, setting aside chunks of time to get his writing done.

“A lot of academic research has gone into my book. I read a number of scientific journals and essentially summarized them and wrote them in layman’s terms, so people can understand them. I probably wrote about a third of the book like that and then it was after that when I contacted Advantage. I got a number of suggestions from them on ways to improve it, to make it bigger, and more valuable.”

This method clearly worked for Dr. Guyver, although if you’re planning to write your manuscript, he says dictation software will speed up the process. As an alternative, he suggests that potential authors use Advantage Media Group’s unique Talk Your Book™ program, which also makes book writing faster and easier.

Either way, he strongly believes the benefits are worth the effort. “It’s worth doing even if you’re not thinking about marketing your business because it’s a sense of achievement to have done it… to get to the endpoint.”

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