They say to “Never judge a book by it’s cover,” but at Advantage we disagree. We consider cover design a vital element in a book’s overall success. It is paramount that you take into account the way you want your book to look as well as the way your target audience would want it to appear. Attracting your customer to pick up your book is half the battle. So why not make it something they are aesthetically attracted to? When selecting the look of your book, consider asking yourself these questions:

  • Is my target audience professional or do they represent the mass market? A hardback book with a dust jacket communicates authority and higher perceived value to professionals seeking a successful advisor. Paperback books are attractive to anyone buying in bulk or traveling with it.
  • Is my target audience male or female?  This answer will dramatically affect your book packaging, which includes trim size, cover design (i.e. prominent colors) and cover type.  Think about who will be purchasing your book.  Also know this fact:  82% of book purchases are made by women.
  • What genre is my book? Is this my book a reference book, a cook book, a gift book, a biography, or a non-fiction book?  Reference books are typically printed in hardback to be able to handle the wear and tear from being constantly handled. Gift books are typically printed in hardback with a dust jacket in hardcover.
  • How many pages should my book be?  Quality over quantity.  Every author should strive to get their message across succinctly but effectively. Most business books will be about 200 pages or less. Add length if your audience is detail oriented, prefers a step-by-step approach or benefits from industry examples of your ideas.

In the end, make sure every aspect of your message, cover design and overall look match your target audiences preferences. Your book captures your brand, voice and ideas. Check out some of our award winning cover designs at

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