Book Marketing 101: The Anatomy of a Book Website

Websites, social media, blogs, ebooks…the world of publishing is no longer just a print book propped up in the window of your local bookstore. We all know that the internet is a driving force in marketing today, so don’t forget to use it for your book marketing. Make it easy for your audience to find you by creating a central location, an online billboard if you will, that houses information about your book and you as the author. Not sure where to begin or what to include? Let us help. Highlighted below are the key elements of a successful book website:

  • Homepage: This page should be the attention grabber, engaging and uncluttered, it should provide an overview of the book and a bit about the author. If you have supporting materials like a book trailer this is the perfect place to display it.
  • About the Author: Position yourself as an expert in your field and don’t be afraid to be a bit personal. Share your passion for writing or for your topic and your audience will want to learn more!
  • Share: Books are heavily reliant on word of mouth marketing, so this page is key and often overlooked. Don’t just include links to your social media pages here, provide your readers with the tools they need to share more about you! People love to share a great place they went for dinner, their favorite product, or a good book they just finished. Make it easy by providing instructions, tools, images, and direct links for them spread the word for you.
  • Free: Everyone loves something for free. You can offer a free chapter of the book as a teaser, supporting resources, “deleted scenes” or “bonus chapters” – anything that engages your reader or leaves them wanting more.
  • Contact: Create a community by offering a place where people can contact you for information, questions, or press inquiries. If you have a newsletter you can also use this page as the place for people to sign-up to receive your newsletter.
  • Buy: This one might be obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning. Include links to your book’s sale page on Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble or other retailers so it’s easy for interested parties to purchase your book. Don’t forget to include mentions of your ebook or audiobook if you have them.

These 6 items are key components, but don’t limit yourself! Every author and every book is different. A few other elements you may want to keep in mind; make sure your website is consistent with the cover design (style, color, fonts, etc) of your book to help create a brand. Include a sidebar with key information that appears on every page like buy links, social media links, or newsletter sign-ups. Update your site with a calendar of upcoming events or relevant news. A website will help you build your online brand presence and even create a community, go ahead, get started!

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