Book Marketing 101: The Anatomy of a Press Kit

Once you become an author, you become an expert, and people look to experts to speak, inspire and educate an audience. Being an expert, an author and a speaker means marketing yourself rather than your business, which for some, can be a challenging shift. Use your book as an element of your personal brand and it will differentiate you from the competition. Whether experienced or new to speaking, frequency and fee are key. For a higher frequency of opportunities at a higher fee, it is important to have the right materials ready to present to an event or meeting planner. One of those materials is a press kit.

The goal of a press kit to is to concisely present information about your background, experience, and the knowledge or motivational message you provide. It does so as personally branded material and should lead the meeting planner to take action, like visit your website, check out your social media presence, or contact you directly.

Cover Page: Include a professional headshot and make it easy for the meeting planner to find more information about you on your website and/or social media platforms.  This page should provide a snapshot of why you are a great speaker, how the audience will benefit from your presentation, your background, and a bit about your book.

Biography: With speaking, you are the product, so the meeting planner wants to know why you are the expert. It’s good to include a longer more detailed profile as well as shorter one that can be used for event materials, bylines, or as an introduction.

Speaking Resume: It’s nice to have a proven track record. It’s even better is to collect and include testimonials from previous speaking engagements to exemplify what you can bring to the event. If you are new to speaking, that’s okay, focus instead on presenting strong topics.

Speaking Topics & Methodology: Maybe you only have one topic or, if you have been at this for some time, you have a few. Either way, the planner is looking for style, engagement, and audience takeaways.

Providing succinct, relevant, and professionally presented information in the form of press kit shows that you are organized, prepared, and willing to help the event planner make their search easy. And that starts you out on the right foot.

Keep in mind, you can also use a similar format to pitch yourself for guest blog post, magazine or newspaper articles, and/or radio. Create an additional page with samples of previously written articles or list your experience on TV or radio including links for previews online. Add enough information to gain interest and entice the planner to contact you for more information. Once they contact you, focus on building a relationship that results in an impressed and happy client.

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