Book Marketing Tip: Use Your Book to Publish a Newsletter

This week’s Book Marketing Tip focuses on newsletters and list-building.

How profitable can a newsletter be for you?  Just ask Tom Antion.  He is the best selling author of The Guide to Electronic Marketing for Small Businesses and has an email newsletter (or ezine) list of 100,000 subscribers.  “Wow” doesn’t quite cover it.

Because he has the email addresses of all of his subscribers, he can instantly send out new product and service information to his subscribers and obtain thousands of dollars in sales all with one “send.”  Many of the subscribers on his list came from reading his books first, so he already had the hooks in their mouths.

With that said, know that it is an excellent idea for you to place an ad for your ezine in the back of your book.  As those subscriptions come in, start making a distribution list and using it.  Once you are at this point with these customers, you can have a relationship with them for life.  As you continuously offer things of value to them, they think of you as a welcomed, trusted guest, not an unwanted, annoying pest.

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