Boost Online Book Sales: A Three-Pronged Approach

You’ve already accomplished a great deal.  Writing and publishing a book is no easy feat.   You should take a moment and allow yourself to enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with what you’ve done.  You deserve it.

With all that came with writing and publishing a book, there’s more to come with marketing and selling that same book.  You have to have a book marketing plan and it has to involve internet marketing in order to be successful and boost book sales.  Get ready to roll up your sleeves again, but this time when you bask in the glory of your successful feat, you’ll do so with more money in your bank account.

Book marketing and selling can be time consuming so your patience is required but the rewards well out weigh any frustrations you endure.  In fact, books are usually sold one at a time, making book-selling time pretty lengthy.  Many authors have used every offline promotional tactic under the sun, some with success, some without.  Offline marketing can indeed be very successful.  It can also be very costly.

The Internet has completely transformed the way we do business.  It is no different for authors, we promise you that.  Marketing and selling your book online is probably the easiest and most effective way to find success.  Internet marketing is a must in your book marketing plan.


We have created a Three-Pronged Attack for Online Success.  Think of it as a three-step formula for success:

1. Build a great website.

You may be thinking that you don’t have a clue how to build a web page, more less a whole website and even more less a great one.  Don’t sweat it.  You’re not required to be able to build the website yourself, but you are required to know enough about what goes into making a website success so that you are not scammed by a web designer who charges you thousands of dollars for a website that is actually a marketing nightmare that doesn’t make you any money.

First of all, you can build beautiful websites from templates that are only about $50-$100.  Ask your designer to use a template with an administrator panel so you will be able to update and add content yourself.

Second, you must ensure that your site is content rich and keyword saturated.  This is important for your customers as well as to ensure that the search engines properly index your site.

Third, spent some time researching shopping cart systems.  You need one that can easily integrate into your site so you can easily sell books and products online.

Finally, consider adding other elements to your site to enhance it.  Excerpts and some chapters from your book, online press kits that include your author biography and photograph will offer more to your potential customers and they will respond. Also include a sales tip sheet that is easily accessible (and downloadable) for the media.


2. Create a List that we call “Database Development.”

We are firm believers that authors should view their computers as their own personal ATMs.  Visualize your computer as a machine that can generate and dispense money on demand.  Let us explain:

Savvy marketers spend considerable time building their database of customers, prospects and leads.  It is important to note that this list if of people who requested information from you or at least requested to be on your list.  They have “opted in.”  It is also important to note that you cannot just randomly add names to your list.  This will get you in trouble fast. Spamming is a big no-no.  But you can successfully build your list for those who opted in by offering a free special report, a monthly e-magazine, or offering promotions like “email tip of the week.”

The benefits of this list are that it works fast and is extremely cost-effective marketing.  If you are promoting your new book, teleseminar, or home study kit, you can blast out an email promotion to thousands of people around the world within seconds.  The trick is to include a link that takes them to the special offer so they can take advantage of it and order online instantly.  Always make the offer for a limited time to create urgency.  If you don’t you risk the chance of them telling themselves they’ll order later but later never happens because they forgot.

A few other things worth mentioning:  First, a small, but ultra targeted, list is way more effective and valuable than a large, but untargeted list.  Second, it is paramount that you deliver good content and value to those on your list.  They are not on your list because they want you to sell to them; they are on your list because they want to learn from your expertise.  As a rule of thumb, always make sure you are providing 3-4 times as much valuable content as promotions.  That being said, your subscribers will see you as a valuable guest, not an unwanted pest that they are going to swat away today.  (Remember they can always unsubscribe.) And that good website we talked about…it’s the best way to help you create this marketing dream list!


3. Product Development

A book is not just a book.  We cannot preach that enough.  It is a foundation on which to build your business.  We have spent years advising authors that it is very difficult to make a lot of money on selling books alone.  The retail price of books are usually so small that you would literally have to sell tens of thousands of copies every year.  Trust us, that is very difficult to do.

With that on the table, know that you can use your book as a foundation for many other ancillary products.  You can turn your book into an audio book and an e-book, a series of special reports or articles, a base for a teleseminar series and continuity, coaching or mentor program and you can even use your book as a base to create a home study kit with audio and video supplements that you are able to sell at a much HIGHER retail price with a much HIGHER profit margin.

Of course the great thing about becoming a “product machine” is that having all of the different products at all of the different price levels, you open yourself up to more people.  Not everyone learns the same.  Some learn best visually, some learn best via audio, while still others learn best through one-on-one coaching or mentoring. Also, by offering different products at different product levels, you give your loyal book readers an opportunity to step-up their relationship with you.


Pay close attention to this because this is the final and BEST benefit to selling online:  You don’t ever have to leave your home to successfully sell your products and services.  For every dollar you put into an IRA or a savings account, you should also be investing a dollar into your product development efforts as these can pay passive income dividends for years to come. That is why you started this whole process, right?  Do you feel the next sense of accomplishment coming your way?

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