Bringing a Little Magic to E-Books

A recent article presented an interesting take on book rights. At Advantage, we strongly believe and advocate the idea that an author should own the rights to his or her book. It’s their content–they should own it. Now, this belief is being extended to the physical books through a new franchise, Pottermore.

Harry Potter fans will instantly make the connection, but for those of you who never got into the series, Pottermore is a digital land and e-book store for Harry Potter content. Here’s the kicker: they are selling e-books without digital rights protection. With regular e-book sales, one can simply load the content onto a device. In this case, once you buy the e-book, you can take it wherever you like and pass it to whomever, etc.

The article reads: “If you buy a digital book you should be able to read it on anything you want to read it on,” said Pottermore CEO, Charlie Redmayne.

The interesting thing is that while piracy initially spiked, community members have started to self-police. It seems that consumers appreciate the open rights so much that they are protective of it. This case definitely raises interesting questions for publishers to consider.

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