By Laura Rashley 

If there’s one thing Chris Micetich knows, it’s to never let negativity consume you. Instead, feed on it. Use it like kindling. Let it embolden your resolve instead of fracturing it. Find the guts to shoot your shot—because there’s no sweeter sound in life than a perfect swish that turns silence into belief. Like every entrepreneur, Chris has faced a lot of backlash throughout his career. Unlike many entrepreneurs, it was his own family trying to sabotage him. When entrepreneurs face such criticism and active opposition to their life’s work, and in Chris’s case, when it comes from their families in particular, it can put these people who would otherwise be very successful leaders into a place of self-doubt and anxiety, causing them to never fully pursue all they dreamed of. Chris knows this feeling all too well.

Meet the inimitable Christopher Micetich • Entrepreneur and mentor • President and CEO of Fedora Pharmaceuticals • From Alberta, Canada


In his upcoming book, One Day You’ll Understand, he asks: “How many business leaders and entrepreneurs, at this very moment, are ensnared in a similar cycle of self-doubt? And how many will choose to act rather than capitulate? How many will fool themselves by masking their fear with excuses?”

The answer? A lot, he found. Over time, Chris learned that confidence can be a fragile thing. He wondered, how could he find a way to reverse the tide—for both himself and visionaries around the world—to stop trying so hard to prove his worth to his family, to others in general, and start proving it to himself instead?

In One Day You’ll Understand, readers join Chris as he narrates his journey from schoolteacher to pharmaceutical producer and successful entrepreneur. This book is not a step-by-step, how-to guide on becoming rich; Chris doesn’t claim to have the secrets to success.

Instead, he aims to show you how he used his natural entrepreneur spirit to imbue everyone around him with confidence and hard work. With this information, Chris believes any entrepreneur can learn from his experiences and understand that wisdom is often a by-product of grit, and that success is achieved through a persistent, preserving spirit.

“There’s no ‘secret formula’ to success, no one-way street to fame and fortune,” he writes. “It’s all about the mindset we choose to adopt. If we believe that everything we do has purpose—that there is potential wisdom to be extracted from even the most mundane of tasks—we’ll not only be better businesspeople but also better human beings. Perseverance isn’t so much about proving something to others. It’s about proving something to yourself—a vastly different and more difficult endeavor.” Chris hopes that by sharing his own story of perseverance he can inspire other entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to take initiative in their own lives to most importantly prove to themselves that they, too, can achieve their dreams.



1. Was a fifth- and sixth-grade teacher before joining his father in pharmaceuticals

2. Developed nacubactam, a revolutionary beta-lactamase inhibitor

3. Is the founder of a coffee roasting company, Windjammer Java Roasters, Inc.

4. Won an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Prairies Region in Canada

5. Recipient of special Ernst & Young national citation for entrepreneurial perseverance

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