charlie epstein retirement planner business growth case studyCharlie Epstein proudly wears the title, “America’s 401k Coach.” It not only conveys the reach of his message, it suggests the clout he’s built in the advisory field. He is the founder of Epstein Financial Services, a powerhouse firm that caters to business owners, medical practitioners, and retirees. He empowers clients to generate “Paychecks for Life,” a defining feature of the practice. Epstein eventually set out to self-publish a book in his fieldan endeavor he later described as “painful.” It took three and a half years, two ghostwriters, and over $85,000 dollars. With burgeoning ambitions to publish again, he hoped to evade the “heartache and anguish” of his last publishing experience.

“No [publisher] was capable of teaching me how to really leverage the power of a book. No one had a methodology for teaching me how to maximize my authority and dominate my marketplace.” This is when Epstein made his first touchpoint with Advantage, and signed on to author a book. Following a “smooth and professional” publishing experience, he and the team released Save America Save. He has since enjoyed countless media features, most recently on Fox Businessa second appearance.

The book transformed his client relationship dynamic and revved the speed of his sales cycle. Fans of the book regularly step forward as potential clients, expediting lead generation. He’ll occasionally offer a copy to new clients during their first meeting. “You see a psychological shift happen right before your eyes. Their body language changes. Their demeanor changes… It’s priceless.” A book, he explains, is far superior to a business card. Like distributing “hundreds of copies of ‘you’… it [presents] your voice, every time, in perfect pitch.” Above all, Epstein stresses the importance of having a team that knows how to leverage a book for business growth. “I knew I was working with seasoned professionals dedicated to one thing and one thing onlymaking me the most successful, prominent, sought-after authority in my market.”


5x revenue growth since becoming a published author

100s of hours saved in sales cycle

2 bestselling books published

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