financial planner marketing ideas 2019When certified financial planner, Brian Fricke wanted to differentiate himself from other advisors in the community, he stumbled upon the unique idea of writing a book.

Brian, President of Financial Management Concepts, wanted to take his business marketing efforts one step further, so he wrote Worry Free Retirement: Do What You Want, When You Want, Where You Want. 

Brian didn’t focus on selling his book in bookstores, instead he saw an increase in other areas – including referrals, media attention and overall authority in the market, “the book just helps set us apart from other financial advisors in the community, generates speaking opportunities and helps prospective clients to get to know us before we actually even meet in person for the first time.”

The benefits he has seen in the result of his book are astounding, “the book has lassoed in at least a half dozen new clients, with a lifetime value of $50K+ each. From a money making perspective, the book has been an important tool to acquire new clients and grow revenue.” As a published advisor, Brian is also now a sought after expert.

Fellow published advisor, Matt Dicken, Founder & CEO of Strategic Wealth Designers, and author of Retirement Planning in a New Direction: A Return To Common Sense agrees, “I looked at it as a tool to try and separate myself from the sea of sameness. There’s a lot of financial advisors and we’re all competing for the same clientele. A book helps me to be viewed as an authority on investments and planning.”

Becoming a published author is no easy task. Few advisors obtain the necessary skills to write a complete manuscript on their own. Self-published releases may come off as amateur or unexperienced, plus the time involved is often pushed aside by day-to-day business. Traditional publishing presents stiff competition and often requires a book proposal, an agent and complicated contract negotiations. Some advisors employ a ghostwriter to help complete their book projects, but such services can miss capturing your unique voice, style and tone.

Marketing a book is another large endeavor that needs to be considered in order to gain maximum return on your investment. Without promotion, your book will likely never reach your target audience. If you decide to self-publish, you are completely on your own, while a traditional publisher, might do some marketing, but leave most of the burden to you.

At Advantage we provide the best of both worlds. As the Business Growth Publisher, we help busy professionals Create, Publish, and Market a book to Grow Their Business. In less than 24 hours of your time, we can create a beautiful book with our unique ghostwriting program. With guidance from our award winning project editors and world-class publishing team, we will create a book that looks and reads as well as those found on the front table of major bookstores. After publishing, we will help you craft and implement a plan to grow your business with your book. Together our experts aim to create a quick, fun and easy publishing experience that will help you achieve ultimate business success. To learn more about publishing your very own business book with Advantage|ForbesBooks, contact us today.


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