After hours of brainstorming and outlining, the manuscript for your new book project is finally complete. Now what? It’s time to choose the right editor to review your writing. Today, there are multiple types of editors to choose from. How will you go about finding one who will work best with you?

1. Read the testimonials. Check out the editor’s testimonials page. Are these five star testimonials? Or are they lukewarm? If they don’t have any testimonials at all, consider continuing your research. Client reviews are one of the best ways to gauge if an editor is right for you.

2. Focus on the results. Many editors might have wonderful resumes and a long list of credentials, but they may not work well with you. Make sure the editor is focused on giving you the results that you want. After all, YOUR name will be on the cover of the book!

3. Get on the same page. Make sure you are both trying to achieve the same goal. There is no point in working with an editor who does not understand your message or target audience. When doing your preliminary research, make sure their aim aligns with yours.

4. You get what you pay for. Remember that the cheapest option may end up costing you in the long run. Invest in a service that will pay meticulous care and attention to your work.

At Advantage, our editors have gold-plated credentials and have worked for Random House, HarperCollins, Disney, Time, and more. The highest editorial quality of your book is our top priority. We pair our editors who have explicit experience in niche industries and who understand an author’s goals. We strive to make the path to building a beautiful book, a Quick, Fun, and Easy experience.

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