Charles M. Schwab said, “To carry on a successful business, a man must have imagination. He must see things as in a vision.” Consequently, we thought we’d ask our Advantage|ForbesBooks friends and Members to exercise their right brain and imagine “What If…” 

The responses we received were as varied as the expertise our Members bring to the Advantage family. They run from the practical to the fantastic, from confronting the issues our world is currently facing to finding an inner five-year-old and imagining a universe of endless possibilities. The one through-line displayed by all our Members is the spark, the creativity–the imagination–that inevitably defines success.

We thought we’d share some of the responses with you.

What if you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

We couldn’t help but notice the similarities in the answers we received to this question, proving that no matter what their field, successful business people share similar traits and priorities.

Many of our Members sought the power to harness time.

“I would like to fly. As much as I travel, being able to get from place to place quicker would be awesome.” – Anton J. Gunn

“I’d fly like Superman, because of the speed and the views.” – Dr. Anita Myers, DDS

“Be omnipresent – I want to be in any place at any time.” – Michael Perry

“Not require sleep – never be tired – so I could work hard and still have energy in the tank for personal time with my husband, kids and friends.” – Kerry WeberCEO and Marketing/Communications Specialist

“To tele-transport through time and space – being able to just “snap my fingers” and find myself in another city or country with essentially no travel transport time.” – Gayle Abbott

And many of our members imagine the power of bestowing wisdom and health.

“The ability to heal, truly heal, others of disease.” – Dr. Stephanie Gray

“To teach people common sense.” – Dr. Josh Luke, Healthcare Futurist, Author of “Health-Wealth: 9 Steps to Financial Recovery.”

 “The ability to get the knowledge and wisdom that comes with the passage of time without physically aging past 22.” – Benjamin Halliburton


What business, besides your current one, do you wish you could start?

It was fun to read how our Members would re-imagine their lives, some dreaming of being in a position to make positive change and some just dreaming!

“Be a lawyer so I could run for political office.” – Francie Pepper

“Would love to be the General Manager of a Major League Baseball team.” Dr. Josh Luke

“Social media star.” – Benjamin Halliburton

“I actually just started it. Horse boarding and leasing!” – Dr. Doug Depew, Owner, Depew Orthodontics, Founder & Academic Director, Trapezio 

“I’d love to start an activity center for all ages with various movement exercise classes and cooking classes. We could change the chronic disease in this country if we started using our bodies more on a daily basis.” – Dr. Stephanie Gray

“A record label. I would love to help bring other creative talents to the world stage.” – Anton J. Gunn

“I’d be a celebrity chef, with 5-star restaurants, television appearances, and the author of best-selling cookbooks.” – Dr. Anita Myers, DDS

“I would start a private investigation business. I love getting to the bottom of a mystery!” – Kathleen Longo

“I would love to start a travel company that takes tours of famous sites around the world.” – Jim Cumbee, Managing Director, Tennessee Valley Group, author of “Home Run: A Pro’s Guide to Selling Your Business”

What if you were stranded on a desert island. What three things would you want with you?

We were impressed how thoughtful and practical some of these answers were – as if our Members had studied “Gilligan’s Island” or “Naked and Afraid.” We were also impressed that our Members couldn’t even imagine being stranded without their loved ones by their side.

“Knife, water purifier, satellite phone.” – Dr. Doug Depew

“An iPad, wifi-enabled web service, weekly fresh water delivery.” – Jim Cumbee

“My husband to fight off snakes and other animals, a filter to be able to drink the water, and a journal with pen to capture all my cool ideas when not distracted by technology. I know the pen makes 4, but it was a set.” – Kathleen Longo

“A solar powered kindle with tons of books, fresh water, a pocketknife and my daughter.” – Gayle Abbott

“Books – Bible, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ (including ‘The Hobbit’), one other long, deep books I’ve never read like ‘War and Peace’ – fishing gear (love to fish) and my wife.” – Michael Perry 

“Sunscreen, my kids and and chapstick.” – Kerry Weber

As that great philosopher Peter Pan said, “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” Imagination is key to both personal and professional growth. The success of the business people above affirms that.

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