Clever. Alluring. Unique. Memorable. Every author aims to create the perfect book title that encompasses all of these characteristics. But, crafting a description can posses a challenge to even the most eloquent writer. Devoting time and energy to achieving a proper book title can improve your publicity in a crowded market and gain you the right kind of attention.

1. Distinctive, Not Distracting: Keep titles short and powerful. Include precise nouns and active verbs. Use as few words as possible with the most meaning and avoid dull, non-descriptive words. At the same time, don’t over do it. Anything complex will confuse a prospect and possibly turn them away. Choose something that makes the reader want to pick up your book and begin flipping through the pages immediately.

2. Two Are Better Than One: Consider adding a double meaning to your work. Many successful titles have multiple layers that can be interpreted differently by a new reader versus someone who has just finished your book.

3. Harmonize: Continue to use a consistent point of view and voice. Take into consideration if you are narrating the story as a third person or if you are using a unique vantage point. Announce it to the reader clearly and confidently.

4. Come Full Circle: A title that is chosen at the beginning of a book project may no longer be effective once the manuscript is complete. Be sure the title makes sense and matches your overall theme.

5. Channel Goldilocks: When determining your title, avoid limiting yourself to just one idea. Make a list of your top five choices and present them to family, friends, and colleagues. Ask for their feedback to ensure your message is made clear to all, not just you as the writer.

Titling may seem stressful, but the process should be enjoyable. At Advantage, your book is our top priority. Our editors have gold-plated credentials and will work with you craft and implement a successful and engaging book title. In the end, a solid title for your manuscript should represent your hard work and be shining example of the valuable material that the pages contain. Let us help you create your best-selling book title today.

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