Custom Books that Suit the Needs of Your Clients

Let’s face it:  customizing products and services to suit the specific needs of individual clients is what business in the 21st century is all about. For example, professional speakers must tailor their presentations to each different audience – whether the audience consists of sales reps, children, or police officers.  The speaker incorporates relevant anecdotes that his/her particular audience can relate to.


To take the example a bit further, let’s say an author has a corporate client.  The corporate client wants to buy 2,000 copies of the author’s book, Maximizing Efficiency:  Learning How to Say No, to distribute to all of its employees.  The author could benefit from somehow customizing his or her book to suit the specific needs of the corporate client.  The benefit to the author comes in the form of enhanced integrity, strengthened professional relationship, and subsequent repeat business with this particular corporate client – not to mention impressing other prospects who may see the custom books.


Another example of customization is speaking engagements that are backed by a sponsor.  Many professional consultants are the focal point of corporations’ special events or retreats, and by having the author’s book personalized for their specific potential customer, the sponsoring entity could benefit.


This is one of many reasons why on-demand publishing is a perfect fit for professional speakers, consultants, and authors.  On-demand publishing allows professional speakers to customize their books to meet the specific needs of each of their individual clients.


On-demand printing can digitally update a book instantaneously – whether it’s the cover, customizing the first page, or inserting a letter from a corporate client’s CEO.  A sponsor’s corporate logo can be added to the cover, or tag lines such as “Compliments of Verizon”, or “This special edition provided by Pfizer”, can be imprinted.


On-demand publishing provides this value-added service to professional speakers and their clients. Self-publishing and traditional publishing can provide book customization, but with some stipulations.  Traditional publishers typically have to arrange a deal prior to publishing, or sell the customized books at a discount.  Traditional publishing press time is nine months to two years.  There are also rights issues involved with traditional publishing; the author gives up control over creative and editorial content.  Self-publishing involves paying a lot for a small print run, and   typically requires up-front payment of $15,000 to $20,000 for a minimum press run of 2,500.  It is possible for the run to be cost effective, if the author can sell the books again to the client later.
The bottom line is: in today’s business world, you bait the hook to suit the fish, not the fisherman!

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