‘Micro-moments’ are the new frontier of marketing – the new framework in which you must fight for visibility amongst your competitors. The micro-moment, explored at length here, happens in “bursts” and “spurts.” Because of this, the consumer’s expectations for relevance in search results is greater than ever. Not to mention, consumers make decisions faster than ever before. This speed is a feature which (you and) marketers must be mindful of.

Above anything else, micro-moments are characterized by immediacy – the immediacy with which consumers reach for a phone; the immediacy with which they expect a solution to their problem. Google experts characterized micro-moment searching as the swift “digital reflex” of consumers.

Compulsory and short-lived, you are only given a brief window of time to make an impression during a micro-moment. The deeper the impression you leave, the greater chance you have to eventually convert this lead into a paying customer. This means that you must convey your superiority, authority and value over a search engine quickly and assertively, in a way that makes you stand out from competitors’ search results. (This is assuming you’ve employed the best SEO practices that get you on the first and second page of Google for search terms relevant to your business). But how do you make the deepest possible impression on this lead? The answer is Authority Marketing.

By partnering with Advantage Media and publishing a book with our Authority Marketing System, you position yourself as the undisputed authority in your field. This gives you an edge over the competition in the micro-moment setting. Compare your perception of the following search results for the search term “business tips”:  

10 Powerful Business Tips From Expert Carl Gould, Author of The 7 Stages of Small-Business Success

Business Tips, Business Advice and More – John Smith

When you become an authority in your field, you are better situated to capitalize on the newfound prominence of the micro-moment. Standing out from your competition as a published author and expert in your field – even in search engine results – is a powerful way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. This way, you don’t go unnoticed in a horde of search results.

Even If I Am The Authority, What Content Do I Publish To Attract Leads During Micro-Moments?

Need more ideas for the kind of content you can publish to draw leads during micro-moments? Researchers at Google were keen to note that users sometimes research from an angle of scrutiny. They wonder, “What is the worst in the marketplace? What do I avoid?”

“Today’s super-empowered consumers have become more impatient, more demanding, and more curious—and these shoppers are all hungry for advice. A big part of that desired advice? What not to buy. At Google, we’ve seen 1.5X more mobile searches ending with “to avoid” in the past two years.” Do not be afraid to explore negative topics related to your field. Pipe in on the conversation about what your consumer needs to avoid. This can be your opportunity to tout yourself as the brand or business that does not have the features that you are advising them to avoid. They are seeking information, you are providing it. With that “transaction,” you have begun a relationship with your potential consumer. As a published author and authority in your field, your advice is credible in a way your unpublished competitor’s is not.

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