Enhance Book Sales by Selling to Display Marketing Companies

How does having some guaranteed book sales sound?  Pretty desirable?  Guarantees always rock!


To benefit, you should seriously contemplate looking into display marketing companies.  They are a noteworthy way to obtain guaranteed sales.  The sales will be at a discount, but considering the fact that they are guaranteed sales, giving the discount is something you should agree to willingly.  You will still win in the end.  In more ways than one.


Books Are Fun (www.booksarefun.com) is one of the largest display marketers of books in the entire world.  Like other display marketing companies, Books Are Fun hosts “book fairs” and sells directly to schools, businesses, hospitals, universities and non-profit organizations in the United States and Canada.  They are a Reader’s Digest company.


Book display marketing companies set up innovative events at schools, workplaces, charity houses, etc. with books and other products on display for sale.   Books Are Fun set up display events in over 70,000 schools nationwide, every six weeks.  They serve approximately 10,000 early childhood centers that include daycare and churches.  The also serve 12,000 corporations, hospitals, and government facilities.  These are huge markets individually.  Put them together and you’ve got some major exposure going on.


As an author you should be very interested in these display marketing companies.  Books Are Fun, for example, purchases directly from publishers at very high discounts.  But unlike retail stores and online stores, their purchases are non-returnable.  What does that mean for you?  Guaranteed sales!


Once they have purchased from the publisher, Books Are Fun then sells to consumers at discounts off of the retail price.  This gives them their competitive advantage (intertwining with their Unique Selling Proposition).  Oftentimes Books Are Fun will place an order for 25,000 to 250,000 book copies.  They review close to 20,000 books per year and narrow those down to select 400-500 for spots in their catalog.  With that said, you can understand it is extremely competitive to get picked up by them.


Books Are Fun primarily chooses hard-cover non-fiction, children’s books, cookbooks, gift books, stationery items, general interest books like cooking, gardening, sports, reference, multicultural, and how-to-books. You can learn more about Books Are Fun and how they select the books they do by reading this great article found on www.businessknowhow.com/startup/booksarefun.htm

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