Eric Hutchinson is a masterful financier with over 30 years of experience in his craft. A dizzying roster of titles and accreditations trail his name – Certified Financial Planner, Accredited Investment Fiduciary®, Chartered Life Underwriter®, and Chartered Financial Consultant. At present, he is the managing director of United Capital Financial Advisers. Armed with exceptional skill and unrivaled compassion, Eric navigates his clients through the sometimes rugged waters of messy finances, ferrying them to a state of financial peace.

Beating the Roadblocks to Authorship

More than just financial planning, Eric is in the business of “peace of mind.” He wanted to grow his clientele, thereby expanding the positive impact he could bring to others with his services. He also hoped to propagate the wisdom gained over a 30-year career in finance. A book proved to be the most effective medium to convey the intricacies of his insights – but to write, publish, and a market a book is no small undertaking.

I realized I knew nothing about how to be an author, how to promote the book, how to use the book to build authority and develop new business.  I approached Advantage|ForbesBooks for help and was told about the Authority Marketing System and what it had to offer… I signed on to become a member. ” Eric was able to surmount the stumbling blocks he encountered and regain his footing when he teamed with Advantage|ForbesBooks. He explains: [We collaborated] to produce a finished book that has served its purpose well. The Advantage|ForbesBooks Team was supportive, insightful, and encouraging during and after.

A Collaborative Effort, A Stunning Result

The end result was a concise, thorough volume that answered a host of pressing financial questions, entitled The Financial Briefing: Answers To Life’s Most Important Money Questions.

Now, the ‘Meet Eric’ tab on his website is immediately followed by a tab dedicated to his book – suggesting both its prominence in his professional life and the pride which he derives from being a published author. The Financial Briefing has been touted by readers as “life’s financial manual” – a “must-read” that bursts at the seams with valuable information, which readers continually return to and reference. One reader laments, “I wish I had read it when younger…”

The partnership between Eric and Advantage|ForbesBooks did not end with the creation of the book. The next endeavor they would tackle was the marketing and promotion of his piece. Because Eric signed on with Advantage|ForbesBooks at a time of considerable company growth, a need for greater manpower meant an influx of new employees. The onboarding of these new employees happened concurrently with efforts to market Eric and The Financial Briefing. When he attended the 2017 Authority Marketing Insiders Forum in Dallas, Eric was assigned a new, thoughtfully-arranged team to support his marketing efforts. A stream of positive results followed. 

Authority Ushers In Acclaim

Eric is now able to introduce himself as a Certified Financial Planner and an author. Being an author peaked a new curiosity and helped set me apart from my peers. Gifts of books were given to existing clients, professional contacts, and new prospects. Over time, a new level of authority and professional standing emerged that was supportive to acquiring new business. Further, as the Authority Institute team built out a book/author website, developed a consistent social media presence, and garnered PR exposure to national media outlets, the level of online positioning began to rise, which further raised my perceived professional standing.”

Teaming with Advantage|ForbesBooks proved to be a fantastically profitable partnership. My personal income is up about 20% from where it was at the time the book was originally published.Eric could’ve opted not to publish a book or sign on with the Authority Marketing System – at the cost of, in his own words, an “enhanced level of visibility, authority, celebrity, and positive positioning in the marketplace.”

Cultivating your status as an authority may be the chief benefit of working with Advantage|ForbesBooks, but the partnership also offers a host of other perks to Members – Eric has found a community in his fellow Advantage|ForbesBooks Authors. After enjoying the success of his book and the newfound business it brought his financial planning practice, he attended the 2017 Authority Marketing Insiders Forum. The opportunity to network with similarly ambitious businessmen and women who sought to expand their businesses proved a very attractive enhancement to the Authority Marketing experienceReading their books, getting acquainted on a personal level, following them on social media has all brought new depth and enjoyment to being a member of the Advantage|ForbesBooks author family.”

If you are a business leader interested in becoming an Author and growing your field authority the way Eric did, apply now to join the Advantage|ForbesBooks family!

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