Financial Advisor, Thomas Helbig, Shares His Experience of Becoming an Advantage Author

How an Advisor “Doubled” His Business in One Year

In 2011, Thomas Helbig was a busy financial planner in St. Louis, Missouri. Between working with clients, managing an office, and trying to drum up new business, his days were full. Yet in spite of long hours and hard work, he was still “struggling” to make his business a success.

Fast-forward twelve months later. Thomas was still busy with a very active business, but his income had “doubled.” And he attributes this success to one factor.

 Thomas Stopped Struggling Because of This…

In June 2012, Thomas published his book, The Boomer’s Guide to a Worry-Free Retirement. He decided to write a book because “It made sense. I wanted to established credibility and become an authority in my business.” Thomas achieved this goal, and accomplished far more. As he says, “My book has turned my business around.”

After publishing, Thomas promoted his book with the help of a PR firm. His results were nothing short of impressive. He was featured on America’s Premier Experts as well as in Forbes Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. Dana Lash interviewed him several times on her radio show and recommended his book to listeners. He also had several guest spots on Coach Pete’s Financial Safari – another national radio show. Listeners had an opportunity to get a free copy of his book at the end of each interview.

This publicity generated “a lot of business” for his firm. Thomas notes, “My book was the start. It launched me, and everything went from there.” But he didn’t stop here.

Make Marketing More Cost Effective

While media coverage is important to Thomas, he uses his book in every aspect of his marketing. These are some of his strategies:

  • Thomas launched his book with a “client appreciation party.” The event included former St. Louis Cardinals star, Ozzie Smith. In addition to getting an opportunity to meet with the popular baseball player, clients and friends received a free copy of his book.
  • He also gives clients extra copies of his book, which they can then give to friends or family. “I say, please, if you have friends that could use our help, hand this book to them and tell them this is who you like and trust…And I get referrals from people reading my book.”
  • Visitors to his website will find a prominent offer for a free copy of his book, in exchange for contact information.
  • Thomas also hosts monthly workshops which, he now promotes as “seminars with the author.” He offers all attendees a free consultation and copy of his book when they book an appointment.

Thomas has leveraged publicity and marketing to dramatically grow his business. As he says, “I have doubled my income because of the book and I hope to triple it.” However, he has experienced additional benefits as an author that he appreciates almost as much.

For one, Thomas finds that new clients “look at him in a different light”. He finds they are more relaxed, and they seem to trust him more. In addition to this, Thomas notes another benefit: “It has given me more confidence in my business to say I’m a best-selling author. I feel more confident than I ever have. So, the book has changed my life.”

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