Five Easy Steps to Market Your Book

Each year, hundreds of thousands of books are published in the United States – making the fate of your book seem dismal in a crowded market. In order to gain the attention your book deserves, you need to take action. After writing, marketing and selling your book presents the next largest hurdle that you must conquer. Today, traditional publishers focus on the printing side of the business and rarely provide any support regarding book sales. So how do you get your book into a reader’s hands?

1. Seek “your people.” Not everyone is going to be interested in your book. It’s true, your message will most likely apply to a specific audience. Identify that audience and seek them out. Discover how to get in front of them. Figure out exactly who will read your book and make sure they know about it.

2. Connect. Now that you have discovered your target audience, identify their habits, preferences and passions. Learn how to connect with them on a personal level and get creative. Meet your readers in their community, where they are more likely to pick up your book.

3. Brag – a lot. Once you’ve figured out how you’re going to connect to your community, get the word out. Utilize social media to the fullest extent: tweet, post, update and blog about your newest publication. Offer teasers from the book to draw interest and position yourself as the authority on the subject matter. Don’t be afraid to let your contacts know that you are now a published author!

4. Create an incentive. Ask your audience to buy your book on Amazon, particularly through a Best Seller campaign. Give away copies to those that would like to share them with a friend. Offer free digital versions of the book with the purchase of a hard copy. Create momentum around your book with urgency and a dose of friendly competition.

5. Find the angles. After your book has been on the market for a while, it’s time for a refresh. Keep your topic relevant and appealing by discovering ways to market your book differently. Repurpose content to use in direct mail campaigns, press releases and speaking opportunities. Add value to your book by developing it into an online course or an audiobook.

Marketing your book is a continuous process that should be constantly readdressed over time. Remember, your book fate rests in YOUR hands.

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