For Jeannette Bajalia, it was a defining moment.

Years ago, she decided to make the leap from corporate employee to business owner. As a financial professional, she naturally sought the opinion of advisors regarding her pension plan and 401K. The experience was eye-opening.

“It was alarming at how under served I felt,” recalls Jeanette. “Most of the advisors I met with just wanted to take my assets and then wanted me to go away while they took care of me. I didn’t want that. I wanted to have a partner. I wanted a guide in the process.”

Jeannette went on to form Petros Estate and Retirement Planning, but she never forgot this experience. And as time went by, Jeannette knew she had to share her years of experience and passion to help other women. She decided to found an affiliate company, Woman’s Worth, to help women with the distinct issues they face in financial planning.

Jeannette wanted to both share her message and promote her company. This is why she decided to write a book. She released Wi$e Up Women! A Guide to Total Fiscal and Physical Well-being in May 2012.

Building a Profitable Business Based on Values

When Jeannette wrote Wi$e Up Women!, selling books was the furthest thing from her mind. Her partner, Brian Mickley, explains: “The book was written and published with the intent of being able to provide it to people as they indicated an interest…As a faith-based company we are very focused on educating first and using that as a primary means of generating interest.”

A key component of this education process includes workshops with “panels of experts” who speak for eight to ten minutes on the latest developments in their field. For Woman’s Worth, this panel includes a CPA, attorney, and registered investment advisor as well as a chiropractor and other specialists in women’s health.

“We bring all these resources together to show how we do planning in an integrated fashion. We call it ‘Retirement Lifestyle Protection Planning’ and it’s a demonstration of the health-wealth connection,” says Brian.

To promote their workshops, Jeannette and Brian use a mailing firm. They develop invitation lists based on the demographics of their clients. To attract participants, they use the book as an offer. “I think that being able to put Jeannette’s picture along with a copy of the cover of her book on an invitation has lent credibility to Jeannette, and caused some women who wouldn’t have otherwise responded to respond,” observes Brian.

Jeannette also promotes her business as one of ‘Coach Pete’s Local Trusted Advisors’ on his national ‘Financial Safari’ radio show. She will occasionally offer a copy of her book to any listener who schedules a visit.

In addition to actively promoting the book, they leave copies on tables in the reception areas of both offices. “You see people pick it up and leaf through it. Then, they’ll put it down when it’s time for their appointment. A lot of them will make the comment, ‘Oh, I’d really like to read that’,” explains Brian. “It gives our receptionist an opportunity to surprise them when they leave. She’ll say ‘Here’s your copy to take home and read, and then give it to someone else when you’re finished.”

From Skeptic to Believer

Brian admits he was skeptical when Jeannette decided to write her book. “As the person responsible for keeping a close eye on company finances, I was skeptical about spending money on a book because I was skeptical about the return. Then, I heard people talking about the book and I saw the many ways we were using it, and I said, ‘You know, this wasn’t such a bad deal after all.’ Now, I would say we’re already paid for the book a few times over with new clients and all the intangible benefits we’ve gotten from it.”

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