Spending money to make money has become a precept of the past. Thanks to modern technology, social media, and free online services, marketing campaigns no longer need inflated budgets to acquire new customers. Here are some ways to grow your business without spending a cent:

1. Exploit Digital Platforms: Post your product on sites that your ideal client frequently visits. List your service as a solution to the problems that users identify. Popular forums include: Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and Reddit.

2. Utilize Bloggers and Social Media Stars: Seek out online “celebrities.” Source relationships with influencers that will share your content and promote your services.

3. Share and Incentivize: Provide free quality content for blogs that speak to your target audience. Reach out to bloggers with large followings and offer your service for free in exchanges for testimonials, PR, and backlinks. Offer practical discounts that would encourage a new client to purchase your service.

4. Leverage Your Networks: Reach out to existing contacts via social media and ask if they can use your product in their life. Establish an affiliate program to pay current clients when someone makes a purchase via their direct influence.

With a little bit of leverage and smart strategic planning, any professional can expand their business without a marketing budget.  At Advantage, we believe that new customers can be acquired through content sharing. Through our pain-free process, we help busy entrepreneurs Create, Publish, and Market a book to Grow Their Business. Apply today!

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