Growth Goals: How to increase referrals to your business, from your book

It’s quite apparent that, at Advantage, we believe your book can, should and will be the cornerstone of your marketing efforts, for your business. You may be thinking, “Easier said than done.” Let me explain. With the continuously changing landscape of marketing, it is hard to keep up and quite quickly, you’re marketing spend could skyrocket, if you’re not careful. By creating, implementing and nurturing a referral program, you are opening the door to an influx of organic leads who are pre-sold by your very own clients, connections, friends and family.

Allow me to introduce three ways your book can become a source of referrals for your business:

1. Offer complimentary copies to current clients, vendors and employees:
Your current network, which may include clients, prospects, vendors and employees, is already committed to your services and your company’s message. Equip them with the tools they need to get your message across, the way you want it, by providing a copy of your book. They can share the book with a friend, reference it in conversation or give it to someone in need of your services.

2. Leave copies throughout your office:
Just like the magazines that typically litter the waiting areas and offices of businesses, your book should be placed throughout, encouraging a multitude of opportunities where passersby pick up a copy, peruse the pages and decide that they would be a good fit for your business or that someone they know would benefit from your product or services.

3. Offer a Friends & Family gifting program:
Whether it be the holiday season or not, everyone loves a gift. Why not encourage your network to drive referrals by sharing the opportunity to allow their friends and family to claim a complimentary copy of your book? To make the offer easier to share, pre-write a letter or message for your network, so the whole process is plug and play and again, drives referrals to your business.

What are you waiting for? Turn your book into the ultimate referral machine!

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