Have a Distribution Plan in Your Book Marketing Plan

It’s not enough just to write a book and have it published.  You must have a distribution plan within your book marketing plan.  How else can your book get around?


Today books are sold through a wide variety of channels.  Of course there are the book stores, specialty stores and other traditional retailers.  There are also online web sales, book clubs, television, direct mail, distributors, conferences and trade shows.  All are worthy components to tap into for your book marketing plan and get a distribution plan going.


Plan an attack.  Seriously.  Set down and map out a distribution plan.  Which arena will you go for first? Where will you get allies?  If you are the only distributor for your book, you may not sell large quantities.  Tap into some resources to help you:


The huge market is bookstores and online sales.  Consider which stores you want to carry your books.  You should go for book retailers like Barnes & Noble as well as other retailers like Target and Wal-Mart.  How many of your books do you want them to carry?


Which online stores do you want to carry your book?  The above mentioned have websites as well.  Then there are online only book retailers.  With 2 billion people on the web world-wide, I would say you definitely need to be selling online.  People shop for everything online nowadays and just have it delivered. Ease and comfort.  No longer just “the American way.”  It’s fast becoming the World’s way.  Don’t let this huge opportunity pass you by.  Get your book selling online somehow.


Do you want your book to only be physically in their stores or do you also want your book selling off of their website?  Or do you only want your book selling online?  Or do you want balance between the two?


Do you want your book to be distributed in other countries?


Will your publisher post your book on his website with a page solely dedicated to you book?


Do you have a website about you as an author?  Post the book there.  And get your book its own website.


The last component of book distribution is order fulfillment.  You must be able to keep up with your orders and fulfill them.  Get some help and keep those orders coming in!  Set your goal and meet it.

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