You did it. Congratulations. Your book is finally complete and you are now a published Author. Take advantage of the opportunity and celebrate! Why not share your success with the world and host a book launch event? Follow these cost effective and insightful tricks to help you host a successful launch party.

1. Location, Location, Location: Consider holding your party in a retail environment. Bookstores and retailers enjoy hosting events that can bring in additional customers to their store. Connect the party theme with your book and create a cohesive environment. The decorations, food, and freebies are up to you.

2. Shout It From the Rooftops. Hosting your party at a store? Ask about promotions. You may be able to get included into the company’s mailing, newsletter, or in-store events calendar. Most retailers will allow you to put up flyers advertising the event as well. Don’t forget to advertise your book launch on social media. Extend an invitation to local news sources. Media outlets are always looking for experts on different topics. Why not notify them of your book and niche industry knowledge… you never know when they will need your feedback!

3. Celebritize. Set up an area to autograph books. Purchase a step and repeat banner or backdrop that features your brand. Hire a photographer or ask a friend to take photos. Later, you may use these images as promotional items.

4. Entertain and Entice. Avoid planning one long reading of your book. Break it up and include music or visuals. Show a slide show or book trailer that party goers can peruse during the event. Don’t forget to have prizes for attendees! Host a drawing for a free signed copy of your book.

5. Never Stop Networking. You managed to get all of these people out to your party, now don’t let them leave without collecting each attendees’ contact information. Have your fans sign up via a paper sheet, by providing business cards, or by opting into a digital mailing list via a tablet/laptop.

Throwing a book launch party and getting all the benefits is a great way to celebrate the conclusion of the book publishing process.

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