How to Market your Book at a Conference

Conference season is in full swing, filling our calendars with two-day trips to meet new partners, clients and friends. As an author, it is important to leverage every opportunity to share your book with new audiences.  Follow our four step guide for maximizing your next conference as an author.

  • Ask to speak. At Advantage we believe every author should be a speaker. If you didn’t submit yourself during the call for speakers for this year’s event, then introduce yourself to the conference planner to submit yourself for next year’s event. Give him a complimentary copy of your book. Follow up a few weeks later to thank him for a wonderful event and ask his opinion on how he thinks next year’s conference will evolve. This will give you a leg up on the application process if you can cite exactly how your content delivers on the new conference direction.
  • Offer your book for sale at the book table. Contact the conference in advance and let them know you would like to contribute a set amount of books for sale during the conference with proceeds going to a specific charity. This exposure will be great for you to the conference audience and you will be able to market your book in conversation by highlighting the charity, instead of yourself.
  • Use Author Business Cards. Does your business card brand you as someone trying to make a sale? Or land a client? Instead, hand out personal cards that highlight your content, featuring an image of your book, and your expert status, using the job title of “author.” This changes the conversation from “Where do you work?” to “What’s your book about?”
  • Send new contacts a PDF of your first chapter. When you get back on the plane with a stack of business cards, write a “nice to meet you” note and attach a sample of your book. This will differentiate you from the others people attendees met and entice them to look more closely at your book and consider purchasing it.

Don’t miss this great, in-person opportunity for sharing your important message. Many Advantage authors give away hundreds of copies of their books a year (or more!) to generate leads and brand awareness for their message. Be strategic in giving away copies of your book to the right prospects or influencers or media – people who have the ability to buy, share or promote your message. Lead generation is a top priority for conferences and your book is what separates you from the crowd.

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