How to Use Your Book as a Foundation on Which to Build Your Business

A book is not just a book; It’s a marketing tool.  If you create a well thought-out book marketing plan and follow through, you will build a solid foundation on which to build your business.


If you are wondering if you can do well with your own book marketing plan, let me assure you that you can.  You wrote a book, didn’t you?  Now it’s in print and you are a published author.  (Congratulations by the way, that is a great feat!)


Once you are published, your credibility becomes unquestionable.  Once an author, you are perceived as an expert and an authority.  How else could you have made it into print?  Being an author is one of the most powerful forms of credibility anyone can obtain.


So if you are all of that and a bag of chips, why aren’t you raking in the dough as much as you thought you would?  Your book has to be marketed, that’s why.  People have to know it’s there, so scratch your head, click you pen, and create a book marketing plan that can’t lose.


The problem with a book is that it is difficult to make a significant amount of money, unless of course you become a best selling author like Stephen King.  Then your books will literally sell themselves.  But you are not there yet, so in the meantime consider this:  Even if you are making $15 profit per book, you would have to sell 10,000 copies a year just to make $150,000/yr.


Trust me; it is not easy to sell books, so you need to be creative with how else you can use your book as a marketing tool to benefit your financial portfolio.  Use your credibility to your advantage and set yourself up for some additional sources of money, all from you book and you’ll do just fine.


Think of it this way:  You are giving out a great deal of information in your book for a retail price of say, for example, $20.  How much information is in that $20 package?  If your normal consulting fee is $100/hr, how many hours of consulting are you giving out for $20?  Can’t some of that information be pulled and broken down into say, for example, seminars?  (The light bulb just turned on, didn’t it?)


Your book should serve as the cornerstone of content for your business.  Those content pages can be turned into many other ancillary products and services that you make money on, such as:


  • Teleseminars (doing this on just one subtopic contained in your book in which you could charge 2-5 times the price of the book would bring in some good money, think if you did all of your subtopics individually)
  • Audio Books
  • Ebooks
  • Special Reports
  • Mentor/Coaching Programs


Again, be creative with your book marketing plan, get yourself some traditional gigs, offer additional products and services online, etc. and you will be one well-paid author.


One more thing, when you publish your own book — make it FUN.  Good luck to you!

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