Important Lessons from Steve Jobs

By now, you should know how much of a fan I am of Steve Jobs. He left us so many lessons for life and for business.

A recent article by Fast Company included newly released audio of one of the interviews with Jobs throughout the years. In recounting his time at Pixar and the lessons learned there, Jobs says this:

“Pixar has been a marathon, not a sprint. And I think there are times when you run a marathon and you wonder, ‘Why am I doing this?’ But… you take a drink of water, go around the next bend, and remember the finish line… I’m a long-term kind of person.”

We can learn many lessons from this single snippet; the most important is to remember that it’s not a sprint. While Jobs’ biography details his philosophy of working at the speed of light, the quote above acts as an interesting foil to that. You should work quickly and always push forward, but remember the finish line you’re working toward. Setting your perspective from a zoomed-out view will allow you to remember what all of the late nights and missed sleep are for.

– Adam Witty

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