Image result for michael canetIf you could double your business in two years or less by doing something you’ve always wanted to do, would you hesitate?

According to financial advisor, Mike Canet, the answer could very well be yes. And he knows this from personal experience. Mike had wanted to write a book for years. Yet, he hesitated on taking the first step.

He knew a book would help him build his business by creating “trust and confidence” with clients and prospective clients. He also wanted the satisfaction of having a professionally published book.

Yet, like so many when it comes to actually writing a book, doubts got in the way. “I thought about it on numerous occasions and didn’t know where to start or how to get it done. I also didn’t think I had the time to write it.”

Then, Mike found a surprisingly “easy” process to help him write his book, and within eight months he was the professionally published author of Surviving the Perfect Storm: How to Create a Financial Plan That Will Withstand Any Crisis.

And less than two years after publishing, Mike has this to say about his business: “In the last two years, my business has almost doubled. My book was the genesis of all the stepping stones along the way. All the pieces came together and my book was the starting point.”

This success occurred in a very competitive market – the financial planning industry. And the great thing is Mike’s success can be duplicated in any industry.

How to Increase Business Opportunities with Your Book

As Mike said, a book is the starting point for growing your business because it makes you unique in crowded markets. “A book creates the aura of celebrity, credibility, and expertise,” explains Mike. “Clients and prospective clients can read who I am, what I do, and why I do it before they come to see me.”

With the help of a publicist, Mike had several articles in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. “I’ve been in dozens of periodicals and journals and on every major station across the country,” reports Mike. “My book was the catalyst for all of this.”

In addition to the free publicity, Mike also gave signed copies of his book to clients. Everyone got one to keep, along with extras to give to family and friends. His motive, as he explains, is to keep “a consistent referral base coming in.”

Mike also ensures that all prospective clients receive his book before their first appointment. This not only promotes Mike’s expertise and philosophies, it also makes his business more efficient. “They get my book ahead of time, before the first appointment. If they like what they see, we know the appointment will work. If they don’t like what they see, they don’t waste their time or mine trying to make it work.”

As an added bonus, Mike says he can take his “sales hat” off. “When they read the book and say, ‘Hey, I liked what you said and I want to interact with you more’, that’s a pretty good feeling. It means your philosophy and beliefs resonated with somebody else. It makes it much easier to close.”

Mike also created a workshop around his book to attract new, targeted clients. “If you read the book and come to our workshop, it’s completely familiar. I actually wrote a 175-page workbook for the workshop based on the book.”

When Mike advertises his workshops, he uses a careful screening process for anyone interested in attending. “We screen people beforehand. If they don’t meet a certain criteria, we don’t let them come. If they do meet our criteria, we send a book along with other documents.”

Mike’s screening process not only creates an air of exclusivity for his events, it also attracts the right potential client. “I have less people coming to my workshops, and less people coming into my office, but I close a greater ratio of the people that do come in.”

Mike has also used his book to cultivate relationships with CPA firms and create a new referral source. “We used my book in a campaign with CPA firms, and secured three firms that we refer business back and forth to.”

It’s easy to see how Mike’s book helped him to double his business in less than two years. And while he hesitated when it came to writing it, he found the process to be far easier than he expected.

Be a Professionally Published Author in “Eight Months”

Mike notes that by working with Advantage Media Group and their unique Talk Your Book™ program, writing a book “couldn’t have been an easier experience.” Over several phone appointments, he simply talked about his business and experiences, using outlines and questions as a guide. His personal editor then used his comments to write the book.

“My book was done, from start to finish, in less than eight months, which is just phenomenal,” says Mike. “I literally just had to talk and share my thoughts.”

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