Join Advantage & Pencils of Promise to Unlock Education Globally

In honor of our 8th anniversary, we are once again teaming up with Pencils of Promise (PoP) to support the learning and growth opportunities of children around the world.

Join Advantage Media Group, Pencils of Promise and their community of supporters this summer as we work to send 5,000 students back to school. In the communities Pencils of Promise partners with in Laos, Ghana, and Guatemala, less than half of children have what they need to progress from primary to secondary school. Pencils of Promise scholarships give students the resources they need for a full year of secondary school.

Every year of school brightens the promise of a child’s future. You can help. One scholarship covers a year of education for a child. It includes a backpack with school supplies, school fees like tuition or dorm fees, and a school uniform. The cost per student is $100, but the impact on their future is much greater.

We hope you’ll join the Advantage Family and help us reach our fundraising goal by donating today. Everyone has promise. Education unlocks it.

To make a donation today, please visit

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