Jump on the Pinterest Wagon – It’s Easier Than You Think!

So, what’s Pinterest, you ask? If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend it. It’s a virtual pin board where you can create boards and pin any image from the internet to it. You can follow users, find inspiration, and collaborate on visual projects. Now, it’s been around for a few years, but it has recently gained a lot of traction and visibility. It is moving from just individuals creating boards, to brand participation.

All images that are pinned hold within them a source url. So, I can click an image and go back to the website where it originated. Pinterest has quickly become a huge traffic driver back to websites; it is rivaling, if not beating Twitter in traffic drivers.

One popular type of board that people often create is based on books to read. Now, think about it: You’re an author – you want people to read your books. If you get people to pin you, your book gets viral recommendations.

An easy way to start getting these recommendations is to give your website the ability to be pinned. Flash sites may be pretty, but they’re poor for SEO and also block the ability to be pinned. Any IMAGE can be pinned – think jpeg. If your site has jpeg images of your cover, people can pin them. You can also get really savvy and install the “Pin It” button to your web page with book images.

You can stimulate this pinning in a few ways: 1. You can ask your friends who are using Pinterest to pin your book cover. If it’s one image that they’re pinning (the book cover), it gets ranked higher in popularity and will rank higher when people search on Pinterest. 2. You can join! Set up an account on Pinterest, create a books board, and pin your own book. Now, you don’t want it to be empty, so think about what other types of images/ items you can pin that relate.

Pinterest has gotten so big that they’re already in the next phases of design. Remember when Facebook rolled out brand pages and opened the flood gates for marketing? Pinterest is starting on that path, in a more authentic, welcomed way. Frontrunners on Pinterest seem innovative and hold high value perceptions. I suggest you jump on board sooner rather than later.

Happy Pinning!

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