Lead GenLet’s take a step back in time for a second and reflect on the good ol’ days of marketing, where one flyer or postcard could generate enough leads to call it a job well done. While direct mail pieces are certainly utilized today, a more tactical approach to lead generation is needed. Building a few landing pages and calling it a day won’t suffice anymore—you need a strategy.

Tapping into your creative side and coming up with unconventional strategies that your competitors won’t think of is how you’re going to get qualified leads to walk through your door and actually invest in the products or services your business offers. Here are five lead generation strategies that are giving us the brightest future for lead generation dominance this year.

Create A Quiz

“Find out what dream job fits your personality best!” “What city should you really live in?” We’ve all taken quizzes that are just like this, or very similar. In general, quizzes are a fantastic new lead source opportunity that was once untapped.

Think about what type of quiz you could create for your business, something that offers the quiz-taker information in return for some of their information. Quizzes are a creative way to learn more about the potential lead and receive their contact information.

“The goal is to ‘bargain’ the result of the quiz in return for a new lead, which can be very effective when done right,” explains Hubspot.

“Interactive content, such as assessments, calculators, and quizzes, generates conversions moderately or very well 70% of the time, compared to just 36% of the time for passive content,” explains Rusty Shelton, Publisher of ForbesBooks. “Put simply, there is no better way to provide a win-win experience for your audience than by providing them with free, personalized value through a high-value quiz or assessment.”

LinkedIn Marketing

When it comes to social advertising, most marketers immediately jump to Facebook. Facebook is a great advertising option depending on your target audience and project, but it’s not a “one size fits all” advertising option.

LinkedIn is powerful for generating high quality, super targeted leads, especially for B2B marketers, since LinkedIn’s audience is made up of business people and entrepreneurs. LinkedIn also allows you to target specific groups of people that you know will be interested in your business.

“The key to success with LinkedIn (like most other lead generation methods) is to first offer massive amounts of value to your audience before trying to convert them into leads,” explains Money Journal. “Write high-quality articles, create epic infographics, and host frequent webinars.”

LinkedIn leads can be some of the most high quality, targeted, and highly interested leads that you can generate online.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is nothing new, and is one of the few lead generation tools that has remained at the top of the list for many years now. If you’ve done email marketing before, you know how hard it is to think of what to do next.

One of the biggest trends for 2017 is marketing automation. What does that mean?

“In short, marketing automation tools are effectively hybrid email marketing tools that connect with your CRM to enable you to automatically send highly targeted emails to leads that are personalized specifically to them,” explains Venture Harbour.

Keep up with your regular newsletters and email marketing, as they are still important, but utilize marketing automation to get smarter with targeting potential leads’ inboxes.

Make a List, For Others to Check Twice

Checklists are important, we all know that, but when it comes to strategies and tactics we don’t always have a checklist to go off of and find ourselves a bit lost. This is where you come in. If you or one of your employees runs your marketing strategy, design strategy, content creation, whatever it may be, have them create a checklist.

It’s more than likely people are looking for handy checklists to help them with certain strategies or tasks for their current job. Take Neil Patel’s example, where he created a checklist that “marketers can download and use for easy reference at work every day.”

When someone requests a checklist, you can in return get their contact information and generate a new lead.

“Patel uses the article to prove his brand’s expertise on the subject to encourage checklist downloads, and he answers reader questions in the blog comments to engage with readers and make his brand seem even more helpful,” explains Hubspot.

Speaking Events

Not every marketing strategy has to be online, in fact, speaking events can become a great lead generation strategy. The ability to speak at events can be incredibly powerful, as once you step upon that stage or platform, you are immediately seen as the authority in the room.  

“As a marketer, developing, or at least conveying, authority is absolutely essential to your success at generating leads and increasing conversions,” states Money Journal. “And whenever you are presented as an authority within your niche through a speaking engagement, people will have a much more positive response to what you have to say and what you are selling.”

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